Use Asher Sales Consulting Services to Implement Our 20-Step Business Capture Process

The B2B world is the big league of sales, and “winning” a large deal for a sales team is akin to winning the Superbowl for a football team — it can provide riches and accolades for years.

Too many salespeople, however, fail to approach a big opportunity with the same discipline as football players who have thoroughly researched their opponents and developed a sound strategy for winning. Instead, they wing it, relying more on force of personality instead of a formal process to capture business.

While sales managers shouldn’t saddle their top producers with too many administrative tasks, using a formal business capture process will instantly improve the chances of closing those big deals.

Asher Strategies highly encourages this approach because we see it work day in and day out. In fact, one of our sales consulting services is to help clients implement our 20-step business capture process — and companies that do are getting great results.

ASHER’s 20-Step Business Capture Process

The entire purpose of Asher’s 20-step business capture process is to strategize each sales opportunity to determine its feasibility, and if so, give your team the best chance of closing it.

Some of the major steps include:

  • Prospect identification and research
  • Form an internal capture team
  • Obtain information on the money available and revenues expected in the first two years
  • Identify main competitors and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine the internal ROI
  • Develop killer arguments
  • Produce a pre-selling contact plan
  • Strategize closing approaches

Many sales organizations are already using a few of these actions in some form or another. The difference in Asher’s sales consulting services approach is standardizing the process to guarantee each step is utilized. Training on the process ingrains the steps for every member of the sales organization.

Action-oriented processes deliver revenue

Another difference in the 20-step sales process which makes it so effective is that each step is an action step, with a measurable result. This provides for accountability and much more “doing,” as opposed to theorizing or waiting for things to happen.

In fact, if you are a new sales organization with green people that needs to kick-start your production, using the 20 steps as a checklist and making your staff actually do them will bring instant results and start to build a pipeline with no further training.

Refinement through sales training and other sales consulting services will dramatically improve the results that can be attained.

Asher’s Experience

John Asher and his training and consulting team have trained over 50,000 sales professionals, distilling the best content on sales training throughout the world down to an easily-digestible and highly workable format.

We know the type of results we can get by witnessing the successes of our customers. Both SMBs and large enterprises have benefited from our methodology, and we continue to get testimonials from those we have served attesting to the power of our system. We will gladly share those stories with you.

Contact Asher today to discuss how to implement our powerful 20-step new business capture process in your sales organization.


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