Sales Process Management – Staying on Top of Customer Service

There are many positive opportunities along the way. Effective sales process management can put you in the position to keep customers happy, solve problems, and possibly even generate new business. It can be challenging to respond appropriately to your customers, though, if you aren’t in line with how they are thinking, and with their needs. Remember, customer loyalty can be fragile, even fleeting if you don’t pay attention.

Engage in “best practices” for customer care:

Ask probing questions to uncover needs, actively listen to them and take notes so nothing is lost. Meet all three levels of customer needs a) meet expectations – a basic ‘must’ b) satisfy requested needs – it is becoming expected c) most importantly, do a little investigation and discover customer needs – this is responsible for 60% of customer satisfaction. Always give something extra. But take note: a) it must be seen as extra by the customer b) make sure they know it is extra c) don’t give too much… setting high expectations can have a negative outcome for you. Take ownership of customer problems Fix problems immediately

A customer could wind up feeling disappointed if you set them up with too many expectations, but you do want to show them the attention, and effort they expect. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver. Being the one who can make lots of overtures won’t create good-will if they wind up being empty promises. It’s the follow through, on whatever is offered, that will help solidify your relationship.

Treat the relationship with respect:

Responding to customer needs should happen in good time… and these days, that time is brief. As it is becoming more rare… people want to be connected with a live person. Call centers are a good way to ensure your clients don’t feel shut out. Don’t put them on hold when they call… statistics show you can lose people this way. Make sure you reply quickly to emails, and know that an immediate response to a text or instant message is expected.

Create an emotional bond with the customer:

It may sound simple, but when you are busy, or under pressure, it could easily be forgotten – be someone they want to interact with, and make them feel good.

Be optimistic and encouraging Express approval of their concerns and needs Offer appreciation – say “thank you” Compliment them Be agreeable Give focused attention

Good sales process management means being vigilant… listen, and watch what’s happening with your customers and be proactive about opportunities. When you’re on site- pay attention, you could trouble-shoot problems more quickly, assess new opportunities for business with them or their network.

For more information on staying on top of your customer service, contact us now.


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