First Impressions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

First impressions occur on a very subconscious level and are quickly set in stone. When meeting someone new, we’ve only got a short amount of time to start things off right. According to Zig Ziglar, it takes just 7 seconds for a first impression to occur. So the time it takes you to put your hand out and introduce yourself is about all you get. Perfecting your first steps will open the door to a fruitful conversation and get you on the road to opportunity.

We are all salespeople

Think about it, we are constantly selling. Every single one of us is a salesperson, every day of our lives. Whether we are selling our ideas to each other, our goals to ourselves, or dreams to others, we are selling to every person we come into contact with.

You must be good at selling yourself first

So how do we use our innate skills to make a sale? The key is to know that people buy from people…not from the organization. That’s why you must be good and honest at selling yourself first before you try to sell your organization, product, or service. You should create an environment where the buyer is comfortable and trusts you to give them the best of the best.


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