Five Useful Sales Tips Blogs to Follow

The Internet is like an enormous encyclopedia, with close to 15 billion indexed pages as of this writing. This sounds great, until you realize that in order to find something useful, you might have to slog through a lot of irrelevant content. Sales tips blogs are no exception, and a query of “sales tips” returns a huge list of pages which may or may not be any good.

To save you some time today, I have put together a list of a few of the top blogs which I recommend for any sales professional. Blog

Entrepreneur’s blog is a mish-mash of tips on everything from how to handle office politics, to useful gadgets, to motivational posts. There are quite a few useful gems in there, including this recent post for do-it-yourself marketers which specifically details the sizes of images on all important social media sites, or this one on strategies used by superstar athletes to become super focused.

As each salesperson is truly an entrepreneur building his or her business, these tips for startups are quite applicable.

Inc. Sales and Marketing Blog

Inc.’s sales and marketing sales tips blog has plenty of well-organized material, allowing you to browse through articles by topics such as networking, sales hiring, lead generation, cold calling, commissions and quotas, and more. The site is bit ad-heavy, but that is a small price to pay for topics which do not only inform, but also entertain, such as “9 Core Beliefs of Truly Horrible Bosses.”

Eye On Sales

Since 2002, the Eye on Sales blog has featured a host of informative articles contributed by sales trainers and other professionals. There is a wide variety of viewpoints expressed on the blog, and plenty of real-world anecdotes on everything from successful cold calling tips to what to say when a customer gets angry at you. Subscribing to this sales tips blog is especially recommended for sales managers looking for material to inspire green salespeople.

Roger Dawson, Power Negotiation Expert

While not a blog per se, Roger Dawson’s website has some excellent articles full of tips on negotiation, much of which is applicable to sales. While I don’t personally endorse all of the tactics, Roger’s blunt, no-nonsense approach makes for an enjoyable read. He also permits readers to use his articles in other publications with accreditation, great for internal sales newsletters. Blog

There are plenty of great tidbits on the official Salesforce blog, which is updated quite frequently. From social media tips to effective objection handling, this sales tips blog does not get overly sales-y in regards to Salesforce’s CRM solutions, but instead acts as a curator of interesting content from all over the web. Guest posts are from working professionals with their ear to the ground in the sales field, so the content is relevant.

The truly professional salesperson “keeps the saw sharp” by practicing and staying up-to-date on the latest sales and marketing techniques. I hope you find the blogs above useful in this regard. Oh, and make sure you also add the Asher Strategies blog to your reading list!



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