Importance of Product Knowledge in Sales

Product knowledge in sales is a prime requisite for any sales associate. A seller armed with knowledge of every feature and nuance of his company’s brand offerings conveys a sense of authority and competence. Customers are more likely to trust him, believe the claims in his presentation and be willing to close on a sale.

Product Benefits And Features

As a seller, you must be educated about your products.  You should be prepared to provide both major and minor aspects of your wares without hesitation or uncertainty.  This is the type of sales knowledge that will make what you’re selling appear most valuable to the customer because it explains what’s in it for them.

Function:  Know how the product works and be able to demonstrate and explain the process and the parts. Be aware of all features and how they can maximize the benefits of the product.

Application:  Be skilled at enumerating all the ways a customer can use a product in their everyday routines and what end results can be achieved.

Installation: Even if you must schedule specialists to install a product, as a seller you must be able to articulate the full installation process to a customer who wants to be prepared for the arrival of the product and the workers. Explain the installation step-by-step and give an estimate of how long it will take and what prep work the customer needs to do beforehand.

Price:  Know the pricing options for both the top of line versions with all the bells and whistles and the basic models with just the utilitarian features. This can help you guide the customers to what fits their lifestyles and wallets.

Competitor Products Analysis

Like every top seller, your product knowledge in sales should include not just mastery of your own company’s stock but also those of your competitors.  This is something that cannot be faked, as many customers have tried a wide variety of goods, and they have probably researched the competition by the time you speak with them. You should be the one able to rattle off comparison and contrasts about similar products in order to emphasize why your product deserves the customer’s dollars and devotion.   Study the websites of competitors, browse their new products at trade shows, take a tour of their facilities, and even visit the stores or showrooms of competitors as if you are a customer.

Persuasive Presentation Material

After gathering, researching, studying and learning an exhaustive amount of product knowledge in sales, you’ll be able to create a better and more dynamic sales presentation. Use the most impressive details you’ve discovered to craft a persuasive central sales message.  You can put together a presentation built solidly on compelling facts and findings.  Don’t rely on just text or words. Add info-laden charts, photos and slideshows to fully show aspects of the product you’re selling. Also, pass around sample product as you discuss the features so that the customer can feel it and have a hands-on experience.

Making product knowledge your ongoing mission can allow you to answer any and all questions from prospects and create a more thorough and effective selling style.  Although it is just one of the many pieces of the sales puzzle, possessing great product knowledge can overcome other deficiencies in a salesperson’s skill set.




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