Sales Coaching is The Best Way to Empower Your Sales Team

We have all heard the phrase ‘it’s time to sink or swim’ before. While this may be a great thing to tell your football team who is losing at halftime, or what you said before a test in high school, it is not a good ideology for managing your sales reps.

You need to empower your reps with the ability to succeed by giving them the training and tools necessary to swim. Empowerment doesn’t mean pushing them into the deep end and seeing which ones make it back. If you supply your team with a life vest and goggles I guarantee you will churn higher results. Why this may sound like a silly analogy you’d be shocked to find out how many sales managers put their reps in the deep end, without the tools to succeed.

When we say training and tools, we are talking about high-quality, personalized sales coaching. Proper sales coaching can revolutionize the success of a company. According to Spotio, sales training can improve representatives’ performance by 20%. If you’re thinking ‘well I know it would improve revenue, but it’s so expensive is it even worth it?’ Did you know that sales training reaps an astounding 353% ROI for the company, according to Task Drive? Notice that those are two different kinds of statistics, one shows benefit for the rep, and one shows benefit for the company itself. That’s the beauty of great sales coaching, everyone wins.

How Sales Coaching Benefits Reps 

  • Money and Morale: Improved sales abilities will allow reps to make more sales. More sales mean more money in your rep’s pockets, whether it’s from commission or bonuses. Many sales reps love their jobs, but the truth is most of them work for money. More sales will improve their morale due to achievement satisfaction and some extra cash.
  • Career Progression: Sales reps are naturally driven people. No rep wants to feel like they’re at a standstill in their career. Sales coaching allows reps to learn and develop their skill set.
  • Motivation: Sales reps love to hit quotas and impress. Part of sales coaching is challenging your reps to implement what they’ve learned in the field. Sales coaching and a desire to satisfy/impress bosses is enough to motivate sales reps to close deals faster.
  • Further Incentives: Don’t be afraid to gamify coaching and implementation of new techniques by further incentivizing employees. Money? Accolades? Awards? Whatever it may energize your team with prizes.

How Sales Coaching Benefits Companies 

  • Improved Bottom Line: At the end of the day your company is about making money. Sales coaching is so obviously important because it can directly impact your company’s bottom line. More sales lead to higher revenue and higher revenue will likely increase profit margins.
  • Company Culture: Building a shared set of values and goals starts in a company starts from the top down. Strong sales coaching helps build a strong company culture of hard work, preparation, and responsibility, and shows that you care for your employees.
  • Employee Retention: Invest in your employees. Be willing to go above and beyond to deliver them the sales coaching that they deserve. If you don’t display confidence and support in your employees, they’ll find someone else that will.

So how can you become a great sales coach or give your team the requisite training? As the best sales training company, we have already created a top-tier sales training and coaching program that will help you produce the benefits above. Find it on our website or, contact us at (202) 469-7489 to learn more.


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