How Sales Keynote Speakers Provide Sales Focus and Motivation Through the Human Touch

Can you win at sales by playing it as a pure numbers game, driven by automated processes, rote scripts, and algorithms which calculate potential win rates? Or is it there more to it? I believe that I and all other sales keynote speakers will agree that the human element comes first, and that without addressing the emotions, dreams, and inspirations of both your buyers and your salespeople, all those tools are for naught.
The best sales keynote speakers inject humanity into their presentations to wake up the emotional brain of the audience. This in turn encourages salespeople to develop their own emotional intelligence and better serve their buyers.
Think of how warm Zig Ziglar’s presentations were while still imparting actionable sales wisdom – he is a perfect example of using the human touch to inspire people to change for the better.

The emotional brain
What Ziglar and other sales keynote speakers like him tapped into was the old, reptilian brain which is the true decision maker in human beings – not their rational brain, which only serves to rationalize the decisions spurred by the old brain. There are six primary stimuli the emotional brain responds to very well:

1. A focus on ME
2. Simplicity
3. Beginning/end of a sequence
4. Contrast
5. Images
6. Emotion

Expert sales keynote speakers use these factors to better engage salespeople. How they use them depends on the creativity of the speaker, and often include:
· Addressing “What’s in it for me?” for the audience, so they understand why they should pay attention and follow whatever is prescribed
· Sticking to one simple, understandable theme throughout the keynote
· Making a big impact at the beginning of the presentation (jokes, light show, etc.)
· Covering pros and cons, failures and successes, and other forms of contrast
· Ending off with an uplifting, dramatic finish
· Including videos or graphics as part of their presentation
· Telling stories that the audience can relate to which stirs the emotions

Persuasion through emotion
As any parent can attest, the emotional brain tends to ignore rationality when deciding what it wants. It’s why explosions and arguments occur around things like overindulging in candy, grabbing the dog’s tail, and other activities which don’t make sense logically, but are pleasurable to the emotional side of the child. While adults have more developed rational minds, they still tend to decide emotionally – they never really outgrow this.
Sales keynote speakers can leverage this characteristic to persuade salespeople to regain their sales focus and motivate them to do their jobs better. As a manager or executive, you can exhort them to practice their closes, make use of the CRM system you just bought, and increase their prospecting efforts until you are blue in the face – all very rational commands – but until you engage their emotional brains, nothing will change.
Take a page from the top keynote speakers’ playbook and wake up the emotional brain using the six stimuli when you are trying to motivate your sales staff. You will get better results


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