The Power of Personalized Sales Coaching

When deciding what to look for in sales training companies, make sure that one of the offerings is private coaching.  In the sales training hierarchy, individual coaching tends to be the least utilized methodology due to its perceived cost and time commitment.

And while it is true that private coaching requires a bit of both, in Asher Strategies’ experience, the performance benefits which can be achieved far outweigh the very modest commitments in time and money to extend a sales education.

Why customized coaching?

Here are some of the business-building benefits of private coaching:

  • Reinforce and improve retention of sales training material learned in the classroom or seminar environment
  • Delve into and blast away salesperson-specific weaknesses in a more private and efficient manner than can be achieved in a public workshop
  • Work on your unique goals and existing deals with a live sales expert who can keep you on your action plan and get you back on track should  you run into trouble
  • Get an unbiased, outside perspective on your business, avoiding tunnel vision

Pinpointing and handling the exact reasons for sales failures

There is a maxim which you should learn: “If a person knew what was really wrong with them, it wouldn’t be wrong with them.”

This can be seen in salespeople who blame everything under the sun, from the competition to pricing to the weather, to explain away their lack of success. Most of these folks aren’t intentionally trying to underperform, but they are addressing the wrong areas. If they were addressing the right areas, the problems would go away.

External coaching, since it takes an objective, deeper dive into how exactly an individual salesperson or manager conducts his or her business with an objective mindset, can uncover the correct areas to handle rather than continue stumbling around.

Asher Strategies Customized Sales Coaching

Asher offers personalized coaching for various roles in your organization, recommended for individuals after completing the Asher Selling Excellence Seminar.

  • For sales reps, we concentrate on aptitude assessment, targeted sales skills, professional attire and grooming, and business etiquette.
  • For managers, we stress sales management skills as well as sales negotiations and sales process implementation.
  • For the C-level executive, we coach on leadership from the sales perspective, sales executive selection and development, and aligning the marketing and sales departments to the company’s vision and goals.

Coaching generally takes place once per month, alternating between face-to-face and telephone conversations. This is augmented with telephone and email connectivity 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

To sum up: for those who exploring what to look for in sales training companies, make sure you choose a firm which will extend its classroom or live seminar training with highly personalized coaching, as this will improve the ROI of the initial training and provide a major sales boost.

Asher Strategies can design a sales training and coaching plan custom-tailored for the specific needs of your organization. Let’s talk — contact us today.


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