The Power of Questioning

We do it everyday. We engage in conversation and inevitably ask questions to understand the other individual.

The power of question holds a lot of gravity, especially when getting to know your buyer. Fully understanding their needs comes from proposing a series of strategic questions and holding onto their answers. Once you understand what their driving need is, you can usually devise multiple potential solutions.

How to attain a clear understanding of your buyer’s need:

1. Get to the root cause! Discover what is behind the opportunity by asking “In your opinion what is causing the problem?”

2. Seek the emotional connection. Show the buyer that you personally care about their situation. Expressing empathy towards the buyer’s problem at hand will increase your profitability. Ask the question that will offer the most amount of potential. “What are the consequences to your company and to you personally if the need isn’t addressed and the current situation drags on?” This question will remind the buyer of personal urgency and encourage them to act fast.

Now that you’ve gotten behind the need with the highest potential and instilled a sense of personal urgency to answer the need, you can ask a series of follow-up questions such as:

  • So I can zero in on the capabilities that would separate us from the competition, can you tell me whom you are considering besides us?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • Who will make the buying decision?
  • Who influences the buying decision?
  • Who is affected by the buying decision?
  • What do you look for when choosing a new solution provider?
  • Is their anything else I need to know?


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