The 5-Minute EI Assessment for Sales Success

The absolute best way to tell if someone possesses the emotional intelligence for sales success before hiring them is the Advanced Personality Questionnaire. The test will surface the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate immediately after taking the 25-minute quiz. But what if you have to make a snap decision, with no possibility of getting them tested?

Or what if you want to quickly filter them out before you even invest in a test in the first place?

Here are four quick factors to consider when figuring out a candidate’s emotional intelligence for sales success without using the APQ.

Factor number one: First Impression

It takes microseconds for you to form a first impression. When interviewing a prospective hire, take notice of how you feel about him or her instantly, because that is the impression your buyers will likely form as well.

“Likeable” is what you are looking for. Too slick is just as bad as unkempt – neither inspires trust. A neat, reasonably groomed appearance, fresh breath, and a smile are usually enough to put buyers at ease.

Factor number two: Key Questions

The next thing you want to check is whether they have done their homework in preparation for their interview with you. You also want an idea of how they go about selling and their motivation. There are a few key questions to help determine emotional intelligence for sales success:

  1. “What image do you have of our company and this industry?”
  2. “What goals motivate you?”
  3. “How do you plan to get leads and build your business?”
  4. “What is your sales process like, start to finish?”
  5. “What do you think you would need to be successful at this company?”

Factor number three: Active Listening Skills.

Here is where many, many candidates make errors. You only need to check for one thing: is her or she listening more than he or she speaks? Or does he or she rattle off qualifications and oversell his or her self?

Active listening means asking guiding questions and really listening to the buyer. In an interview situation, YOU are the buyer. Make sure your candidate demonstrates they know how to listen in the interview because they will sell the same way.

Factor number four: Gut Check

This might seem to run counter to Asher Strategies’ reliance on science rather than gut instincts, but there is actually science behind this. Your “gut check” reveals plenty about whether the candidate possesses emotional intelligence for sales success or not. If they neglected to build rapport or otherwise failed to connect with you, or your gut tells you there is something “off,” chances are you are better off not to hire them.

The above is no substitute for the APQ in determining emotional intelligence for sales success, but it provides a quick means to filter out those who are clearly unsuitable. To find out more about EI, please contact us for some free resources.


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