3 Fun and Challenging Sales Team Training Ideas

Great sales team training ideas don’t always involve booking a trainer, travel, and a meeting hall. There are many activities you can do right in your conference room or as part of your regular sales meetings to keep skills sharp.

Here are three easy, yet fun sales team training ideas you can try:

Company/Product Knowledge Game

This is one of those sales team training ideas which is easy to set up, and arms salespeople with company and product knowledge they can use with buyers. Write out a list of 20 to 30 questions and cut them up into squares of paper. Fold them and stick them in a bowl. Next, each member of the team grabs a random paper in turn and reads it aloud. The group as a whole can answer or offer guesses.

Sample questions:

  • Name the top three features of product X which most buyers would be interested in (group can discuss to come up with top three).
  • What year were we founded?
  • Which is our top selling product?
  • What is our customer service number?
  • Name 10 advantages we have over our biggest competitor (group discussion).
  • Which product offers the highest profit margin?
  • Our product Y is more expensive than our competition’s. Name one way you could handle a price objection on this product.

From https://www.businessballs.com/team-management/team-building-games-training-ideas-and-tips-100/

Pitch Scatteggories

Sales team training ideas based on existing games are always fun. For this one, loosely based on Scattegories, you need a carnival-style spinning wheel with several of your top products or services written along the spokes; or use folded pieces of paper with the same written on them, which will be chosen at random.

Separate the room into teams. At the start of each round, one player from each team spins the wheel or randomly selects a piece of paper with a product or service and announces it. His or her team then has five minutes to come up with answers to the following categories for each product or service:

  • Features
  • Benefits (contrasted with features)
  • Advantages over competitors
  • Disadvantages
  • Objection handlers
  • Current Incentives

Either the coach or one of the team members can write the answers on a board. When time is up, each answer is discussed among the entire group to check for validity. Each “good” answer earns one point.

Once done, the next team follows, repeating all steps as above. The team with the highest score at the end of the session wins.

Inspired by https://www.userlike.com/en/blog/sales-training-games

45 Second Countdown

Here is one of the simplest sales team training ideas which also serves as an energizer before you dismiss the troops. It can be used at the end of a training session or sales meeting to reinforce concepts covered. Make two teams and assign one member to a flipchart or whiteboard. Have each team compete by listing key concepts that were discussed in class today, with the team that comes up with the longer list in 45 seconds declared the winner. Note: the first team to shout out a concept claims it, the other team cannot use the same answer.

You can vary this by having them list items from any sales related topic, such as closing questions, buyer’s shift signals, “top firms we should be targeting,” etc.

From https://www.trainingcoursematerial.com/free-games-activities/energizers

Have fun with these sales team training ideas!

VIDEO Link – http://video.asherstrategies.com/training/recognizing-the-buyers-shift



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