Sales Training Focus for Maximum Impact

There is always a lot of buzz around two things in sales that can often be significantly improved with sales training: the focus on the beginning of the sales process and the focus at the end of the sales process, the close. These two areas offer the highest impact on any sales webinar or course.

The Beginning

You might think sales training should begin with lessons about prospecting. Although prospecting is an important topic, there’s information to be learned before this. The beginning of the sales process is all about having a foundation for effective selling to take place. It begins with the most fundamental part of selling: you.

Everyone’s personality traits affect how they sell. Your personality provides insight into how you naturally communicate with others. Diving deep into the analysis of yourself is the only way to fully exploit your strengths and accurately discover your areas for improvement. Knowing yourself well leads to better communication and higher emotional intelligence.

Sales, communication, and emotional intelligence all go hand-in-hand. Sales training should include work on the salesperson, leading participants to achieve advanced emotional intelligence. This is essential to sales! A high EQ (emotional intelligence) helps you accurately gauge a client’s needs and wants. Being able to read someone well is a powerful benefit that comes with a high EQ, and it will set the stage for the rest of your sales.

The End

Whether you are an experienced salesperson or not, you should not walk blindly across the finish line. You need to make sure you have a solid closing plan. Training at Asher will provide you with specific methods to use when you are nearing the end of a sale. You will learn how to be keenly aware of signals shown by the buyer that indicate they are ready to close. Timing is everything at this stage in the process. Once you have sensed their readiness, you will have the opportunity to use one of the many closing approaches.

The Aftermath

Another important part of sales training is learning techniques for after the deal has been made. Sales aren’t about getting the confirmation to close and then immediately kicking your feet up. It’s about working to create sustainable sales relationships.

After someone agrees to the sale over the phone or in person, you have to deliberately avoid losing the sale. A verbal confirmation can be shaky grounds, so be sure to tread lightly and not provide much space for them to rethink their buying decision.

A lot of heavy lifting occurs even after a sale is fully wrapped up. If you’re in the business of sales, you should be working towards long term relationships with your customers. The end of the sales process isn’t as definitive as it might seem. It’s better to think about it as a continuous cycle. Sales training focuses on reinforcing skills that help you develop productive relationships. You’ll learn how to make one lead branch-off into multiple leads through referral strategies and effective account management techniques.

Practicing a high level of emotional intelligence, learning proper closing methods, and viewing selling as a cyclical process are all key components of effective selling that should be discussed and practiced in sales training.


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