The ROI of Sales Training

Sales Training happens overnight; revenue growth is reaped over time.

When you combine the concept of one-time sales training costs (flat SG&A) against sales growth over time, and factor in profitability, the financial impact can be staggering.

Consider the following:

On average, organizations that complete the Asher Strategies Sales Training program experience an 18% uptick in growth rate within one month.  Annualized, that means that a company with $10M of revenue will earn an additional $1.8M.  At a cost of just $15k, the return-on-incremental-revenue for that expenditure is a jaw-dropping 120x.

Now assume that the same company has a 10% profit margin. That one-time $15k investment just drove an incremental $180k to the bottom line. By successfully increasing profits by 18%, all while keeping SG&A costs constant, led to an amazing 12X ROI on their training investment.

Remarkable ROI like this is made possible by two things: Asher’s highly effective and modestly-priced solution, and a business owner who recognizes the true economic impact that an investment in sales training can deliver over time.

What would you do with an additional $180k?

Asher Strategies offers comprehensive, science-based, and research-driven sales services, including sales education/training programs, strategic planning, and sales assessment. We help improve sales operations to the core. Let’s discuss how we can help boost your sales numbers; call (202) 469-7489 today!


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