ROI for the Top Sales Training Programs

The top sales training programs in the world attract the best and brightest in sales who seek to gain the competitive edge needed to make it in today’s marketplace. Many sales professionals pay their own way, but a great deal has their training covered by their employers. This leads to the question many CFO and VPs of Sales ask themselves: “Is the ROI worth it?”
I am going to explain a few reasons why top sales training programs are worth every penny spent on them. Of course, I have a heavy bias, since I sell and conduct sales training, and the reason I do so is that I have a passion for helping people and businesses succeed by studying what makes them tick. It’s just my natural inclination, so I am bound to recommend what I think works to my friends and colleagues. Hence, sales training!
So, here’s why you should get yourself and your people trained without reservation.

Cost reduction

The general rule of thumb is that it costs between five to ten times as much to acquire a new customer as it is to sell to existing ones. Top sales training programs all place heavy emphasis on how to maintain strong relationships with existing customers to up-sell, cross-sell, and get referrals. The upshot when you have a sales force that excels at this is dramatically lower costs for the same dollar of revenue as compared with an untrained team.

Team engagement and cohesion

A team which functions as a cohesive entity dominates its environment compared with a team composed of individuals when each does his or her own thing. While not trying to invalidate anyone’s ideas of freedoms and individuality – when it comes to getting things accomplished in business, people need to think alike to a great degree. They have to rely on each other, and this means agreement and bonding.
Just think of how the best military forces and great sports teams work. While there are individual heroes and stars in each, it’s the fact that each member contributes for the common good which makes them unbeatable.
I have seen top sales training programs do this for sales teams time and time again. Everyone gets on the same page by using the same sales process, they bond and can fill in each other’s shoes when necessary.

Revenue growth

Of course, top sales training programs are going to boost your revenue. The only thing which could prevent revenue growth after putting an entire sales department through quality sales training is that the wrong people were in the wrong seats on the bus. Meaning, they had no sales aptitude in the first place and they should have been transferred to other positions!
This is rare though. Especially for our customers since we recommend they test everyone with the APQ before they invest in our training solutions.
There you have it. Three excellent reasons which demonstrate the ROI of top sales training programs. And while you wait to attend your next one, have a listen to our podcast full of selling tips here:


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