Corporate Growth through Strategic & Long-Term Sales Training Workshops

Sales training workshops have been a staple of corporate growth strategies for decades. From Fred Herman’s K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) to Dale Carnegie’s programs and countless others, CEOs and other executives have long realized the power of putting their sales teams through formal educational sessions rather than learning strictly on the job.

As corporate training programs proliferated and millions of graduates returned to their territories, a large data set of results has made a few things clear. One of the major things we sales trainers have learned, is that one-off training is of benefit, but it takes a much longer to achieve lasting results.

Growth, therefore, depends on having a long-term strategy regarding sales training workshops. Here is a basic blueprint anyone can use.

Stage 1: The one day workshop

Start off with a one-day workshop to get familiar with the training vendor and gauge results. Usually, this covers basics and has a motivational component. For experienced salespeople, these sales training workshops serve as refreshers to reinvigorate them.

These workshops tend to tour around the country, so you have to stay up to date with when the trainer you choose will be in your city next.

Stage 2: The multi-day training seminar/conference

Next, invest in a more thorough experience, usually a two- or three-day affair. This is the flagship seminar for most training organizations, where you get the full philosophy and curriculum of the training system.

These seminars are less frequent than the workshops and usually require your team to travel to a host city, or your company being the host.

Stage 3: Online/Video Training

While some people start here, and later move onto the seminars and workshops, I recommend web or DVD training come after the live training, because retention from live events is better for most people.

If sales training workshops or seminars are not available in your area any time soon, then by all means start here.

Stage 4: Individual Coaching

The best way to retain information learned at sales training workshops is to use it daily. Coaches help you do that by holding you accountable for results and reminding you of the tools you could be using to grow your business.

Individual coaching for your best salespeople is the quickest way to turn them into sales superstars!

Stage 5: Executive/Management Training

Once the sales department is humming along, it’s time to show managers and execs some love with courses designed just for them. These will cover recruitment, developing sales processes, targets and goals, and many other topics which help leaders do their jobs better.

Stage 6: Specialist Courses

Need help developing a strategic plan?  Do you specialize in government sales? Or perhaps you want to focus ONLY on advanced closing techniques.

In any of these cases, a specialist course can save the day. Contact your trainer to find out which specialist courses they offer.

At Asher Strategies, we are experts in developing both short-term and long-term training strategies for both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. Before booking your next sales training workshops, please allow us to compare ourselves to whoever else you are considering.


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