3 Reasons Your Reps Need to Up Their Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Emotional intelligence for sales success is no longer a maybe, it is a bona fide requirement for anyone involved in customer-facing positions. We have seen examples of how poor EQ has impacted businesses, such as the Starbucks debacle earlier this year, where the desire to enforce well-meaning corporate policy resulted in the unfortunate arrest of two visitors and enormous public backlash.

In an Inc. article which addresses the attempt at damage control, “Starbucks’s CEO Just Met With the 2 Men Arrested Last Week. It Was a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence,” author Justin Bariso wraps up with “So, the next time you and another person don’t see eye to eye, try listening carefully. Get to know their point of view and strive to understand why they feel the way they do … Doing so will fuel stronger connections and help you build stronger relationships … as you learn to see the world through another person’s eyes.”

The quote exemplifies why emotional intelligence for sales success is so important: every businesses’ currency is truly its connections and relationships, and if its people get this wrong, the business won’t last.

Here are three reasons sales reps in particular need to elevate their emotional intelligence.

Build rapport easier

Building rapport is the first step in making a sale. By practicing emotional intelligence for sales success, this becomes easier – even when salespeople deal with opposing personality types.
First, a sales rep needs to identify his or her own personality type as a means to identify potential weaknesses. This is difficult to do honestly, but very necessary to grow. The APQ or other personality assessment can help. Then, he or she adjusts based on the person sitting right in front of them.

Some sales reps become defensive about doing this. They need to understand that there is no desire to change their values or identity, it is simply a means to increase effective communication – and their sales.

Resolve issues smoothly

Emotional intelligence for sales success allows sales reps to see the other person’s point of view, and this leads to smoother conflict resolution.

Rather than defend self and explain away mistakes, sales reps with emotional intelligence can own up to issues. This opens the door to better outcomes for both your company and the aggrieved customer.

Increase closing ability

Finally, emotional intelligence for sales success increases closing ability due to the stronger connections it engenders. People buy from those they like or trust, and this means making emotional bonds. Every day, countless salespeople lose business even though they have a better product, cheaper price, more benefits, etc. because their competitors are simply better liked. EQ can help these salespeople win more deals by increasing relatability and affinity.

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