How Asher Strategies Sales Process Consulting Transforms Your Top Line!

If you are anything like the top management professionals in the majority of today’s industries, you are likely familiar with some of your industry’s top sales performers.

Chances are, you have access to or are, at the very least, familiar with your competitors’ top lines.

To stay competitive it is necessary that you compare your own Sales Division’s performance to the best in the industry.

And if you are reading this page there is probably some room for development within your own Sales Culture.

Frustration in the area of sales development is understandable. More importantly, it’s responsible. It shows that you care about your company and are committed to the idea of not only remaining competitive, but displaying industry leadership and growing business.

If you know your products and services deserve better results than your sales division is providing, consider the Asher Strategies high performing process refinement program.

From a top to bottom process transformation, Asher Consultants produce real results backed by real experience.But don’t let our words alone speak to our abilities. Allow John Asher’s 35 years of experience and over 1200 companies with successful experiences tell the story.

Here’s the sort of response we at Asher have grown used to hearing from sales divisions we’ve helped transform:

Amazing! We changed the rest of our presentations to meet the prospect’s needs and ended up with five million dollars of new work on the spot. My most sincere thanks for changing our sales process and the way we do business development.
David Cooke, President, Pivotal Insight, Inc.

Bottom line: If your sales team is not optimized, and your sales processes are not up to speed with the best performing teams in the country, you are leaving money on the table… and inevitably giving your competition the competitive advantage.

Work with Asher Sales Process Consulting to refine the following processes:

  • Sales team personnel selection
  • Account management and customer care
  • Customer feedback
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • CRM strategies to become customer-centric
  • Salespeople Management
  • Customer focused communications
  • Marketing messages
  • Prioritization of opportunities
  • 20-step new business capture process for complex sales

Each of these processes has been thoroughly studied by our CEO and founder, John Asher.

Each of these processes has been conditioned through field study and countless experiences.

And most importantly, the ability to translate our knowledge and experience to your sales division in a habit forming manner is what initiates the transformation in your sales division’s culture.

Watch the integration of these processes reshape your sales culture, and optimize the top line performance of your company.

Contact Asher sales process consulting to create the competitive top line sales culture which drives business!


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