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The Top 15 Best Practice Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Processes for Companies Serious About Sales Development

We at Asher Strategies know the most effective and efficient way to spur sales now and into the future is through an overhaul of your Sales Process Management.

  • What are your Sales Division’s strengths?
  • And weaknesses?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your Sales Division’s performance?
  • And how would you compare your Sales Division’s performance to the leaders in your industry?
  • If there is a divide between where your team is and where you’d like it to be, what is the divide?
  • And can that divide be bridged without going out and spending considerably to fill your sales ranks with top 4% sales performers?

With 35 years of experience refining the Sales Process Management of over 1200 organizations, our ability to refine instruction and development is optimized to near perfection.

Unfortunately the majority of sales managers think a read from the local Barnes and Noble will resolve their problems and reshape their team.

Of course business leaders should approach these conversations shrewdly. Of course they should look into solutions themselves.

But the greatest obstacle to Sales Division Development is getting beyond the idea that your sales team’s issues can be conquered in a sitting.

Or a couple of meetings.

Over simplification of the process fails to lead to the refinement necessary to produce meaningful and lasting results.

It’s usually after a ten minute consult explaining the nuances of our 15 Step System that the process begins to seem less opaque, less abstract… and an understanding that, just as any golfer with some inherent skills can develop his game with the right coaching, any redeemable sales member can be conditioned to be an integral high performing business driver!

To carry the metaphor a little further, developing a Sales Process truly is akin to developing the skills of a golfer.

Of course there are plenty of books that provide information on swing development etc, but in order to efficiently work strokes off your game, you need
to find a swing consultant who will condition you through the process of making the right moves in a fluent manner.

If your sales team needs to collectively “remove strokes from its game,” consider learning more about the Asher Sales Process management Strategies:

Asher’s 15 Processes for Optimal Sales Process Management

  • Sales team personnel selection
  • Account management and customer care
  • Customer feedback
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • CRM strategies to become customer-centric
  • Salespeople Management
  • Customer focused communications
  • Marketing messages
  • Prioritization of opportunities
  • 20-step new business capture process for complex sales
  • Sales processes
  • Sales presentations
  • Proposals

The nuance of conditioning these 15 processes so that your team enacts them in a consistent and deliberate manner is what drives success.

As it is with all great athletic programs… as it is with all great sales leaders… it is the process that matters.

Enforcing the proper models to manage the workflow necessary to not only create transformational change, but also enforce a culture beholden to this change, is what Asher Strategies’ sales consulting services are about.

Contact Asher Strategies Today and Discover Your Sales Division’s Potential!


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