Why A Sales Speaker Makes Sense

Every day, in conferences, seminars, and summits the world over, keynote speakers deliver informative and motivational talks to audiences in every possible industry. Many of these speakers are big names in business, sports, television, or literature. Most are excellent and deserve every penny earned for their speaking engagement. However, sales and marketing speakers might represent a better choice for companies seeking a direct boost in revenue from their event.

Here are some reasons to choose sales speakers if you are in this camp.

Everyone sells

Sales and marketing are disciplines in convincing or manipulation. I know some of you just had a visceral reaction to that word “manipulation,” as if it were some wicked thing, but in truth you can persuade or manipulate someone for their own benefit. Think of a parent seeking to prevent dangerous behavior in a child, or convincing a friend to come to your house for a nice dinner you prepared for them even if they had originally planned to stay in. Managers have to inspire workers to do their jobs correctly. Governments encourage citizens to follow the rules. These are sales jobs! Even courtship is a form of selling.<?p>

All that being said, sales speakers are masters of persuasion who can teach your employees how to better lead others to positive outcomes. This has wide applicability, beyond just salespeople – because as just proven, everyone sells.

Actionable insights

While a sports star or celebrity might inspire your attendees, very few provide actionable tips people can apply immediately on the job. Sales and marketing speakers, however, generally provide applicable information in addition to motivating content to help close deals faster.

Organization and technology tips, sales failure and success anecdotes, actual closes they use, and other real-world insights are what distinguish sales speakers from other types of keynote speakers. When you are investing in a big event with the goal of boosting your bottom line, choosing an experienced seller makes sense.


Very few of us get to jet-set around the world and hobnob with celebrities and political leaders. But all of us deal with day-to-day business challenges, which makes a great sales speaker much more relatable than a Hilary Clinton or Shaquille O’Neal as a keynote speaker.

A good speaker will have suffered in the trenches like the rest of us and can illuminate how they transcended problems they faced and persevered to become successful. This is highly motivating to other folks, because they can see themselves in the speaker’s shoes – and are more likely to try and emulate their success. This boosts their performance and YOUR bottom line.

Sales speakers should not be limited to sales and marketing teams. Everyone can benefit from better sales and marketing tips, even the engineers and accountants. I can’t tell you how many doctors, lawyers, accountants and other business owners have come up to me excited to put the content I delivered into practice – even if sales wasn’t their primary role.

Try one out for your next conference and help your people close deals faster!<?h3>


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