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It is simple and unique

The ASHER Strategies Five Factors for Sales Success Formula is easy to understand and loaded with tools that help organizations execute this formula for each and every one of their salespeople. The Five Factors for Sales Success was developed from over 35 years of studying sales and over 300 different books written about sales. The ASHER training manuals are literally “Sales Cliff Notes” giving you the best concepts and ideas written about sales all in one manual. ASHER Strategies sales expertise comes from experience in selling within commercial, government and government contractor sales environments and brings the best practices of each to your organization.

It is fun

ASHER instructors are trained at keeping the seminar fun, interactive and moving forward. There is no “sit and get” as they utilize specific training techniques to keep everyone interested and engaged.

It works

After training over 50,000 sales people, in every situation when they have taught the sales skills to a sales person that has a natural aptitude for sales, an increase in sales has been the result. Companies who have had their salespeople trained by ASHER facilitators have experienced an average of:

  • 17% increase in sales from acquisition of new customers.
  • 45% reduction in sales cycle time
  • 22% increase in sales of high-margin, add-on business to current customers
It is about YOU!

In the beginning of each seminar, ASHER sales trainers poll the room to explore the sales experience among the participants. The facilitators encourage and allow each participant to share their personal stories of success, and failure, on any given topic. The group learns just as much from the other participants as the instructors. ASHER sales trainers gather each participant’s expectations, both general and specific, in the beginning of each seminar. They take notes and circle back to each person to make sure they have met everyone’s individual expectations for the training.

It is educational and motivating.

Even if you have made your career in sales and you have heard it all, they guarantee you will create at least one new habit using best practice principles. Even if you know all best practices in sales, no one has made them all habits.

You Can Relax…because we’ve done this before.

Since 1997, ASHER Strategies has assessed the natural aptitude of over 50,000 sales people, trained over 70,000 sales people and improved the sales processes in over 1,000 companies.

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