Self-Awareness and Sales Aptitude

How well do you really know yourself? Although you are probably aware of many truths about yourself, you might be surprised by how much you can still learn. Are you actively learning how to improve upon your weaknesses? Do you know what you have a natural aptitude for? Do you exercise a high level of emotional intelligence? Thinking about your answers to these questions will get you thinking in the right direction, then you can move throughout the following stages while working on your emotional intelligence.

Stage 1: Identification of your Traits

Have you ever come across a link to a fun personality quiz when you’re scrolling through social media? The headline might read “What Ice-cream Flavor are you?” or it might persuade you to “Discover your Movie Character Personality.” Although it can be fun to find out the results to quizzes like these, the world of “personality quizzes” can be immensely more beneficial than discovering that your personality resembles your favorite cartoon character.

An APQ or an advanced personality questionnaire provides a practical application for your personality traits. The APQ is one of the most valuable tools on the road to self-awareness. It identifies your main personality traits on a scale from 1-100, and it is designed to accurately show you who you are compared to other people. You might be unaware of your personality extremes—what traits are the strongest and which traits are the weakest. The APQ will identify these extremes and it will help you better understand yourself. You cannot use your personality to the best of your ability if you are not aware of your natural abilities.

Stage 2: Personality Analysis

Now that you have taken this personality assessment, it’s time for the heavy lifting. Dive deep into the results that you’ve received and truly analyze what they personally mean to you. Think about how your strengths and weaknesses have played a role throughout your life thus far. This is a great time to reflect on how and why your personality traits have helped you or hindered you in the past. Analyze what it means to “be you.”

Stage 3: Go the Extra Mile

Although you now know your strengths and weaknesses and how they apply to your personality, this process isn’t quite complete.

  • After identifying and analyzing your personality traits, you can learn how to amplify your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Some might argue this is kind of like a superpower. Being aware of your weaknesses allows you to learn how to mold them into positive qualities or to minimize the challenges they produce. If you discover from the sales aptitude test that you fall extremely low on the assertiveness scale, you can focus your energy on practicing to be more assertive. Eventually, your sales closing rates might increase just by improving this one trait. On the other hand, knowing your strengths will give you the foundation to know how to use them in the best way possible and expand their benefits.
  • As you learn to leverage your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses, you’ll be able to use these skills when interacting with others. If you know that your extreme personality traits contrast with the extremes of a person you are speaking with, you’ll most likely want to tone them down. This is where the highest level of emotional intelligence comes into play—being able to mirror the personality traits of those around you will facilitate effective communication.
  • A sales aptitude test like the APQ, is an extremely beneficial tool for the workforce. It identifies what roles an individual would be best suited for and explains why based on their natural strengths. A manager can also use this assessment to ensure they are coaching their team in a manner that is personalized to each employee.

Get to know yourself better, discover areas for improvement, and know that doing so can have a positive ripple effect. This process is never-ending because you can always learn more about yourself and you can always strengthen your emotional intelligence and starting with a sales aptitude test is going to set you on the right track.

How to Begin with the APQ

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