Sales Aptitude Test Assessments are the first step in
Building the Perfect Team

Successful companies hire individuals with the aptitude to thrive in the roles they are given. Measure the aptitude of potential employees, provide sales training and help them to perform at expert levels.

sales aptitude testing

Why Assess New Hires & the Existing Team?

Getting the right people in the right seats on the bus should be every company’s goal. Our assessments can reduce turnover, lower training costs and improve sales results. WHY YOU SHOULD ASSESS

Why You Should Assess
Improve sales team performance

81 Questions that Immediately Determine Sales Aptitude

The sales assessment is designed to evaluate a person's scores, on a scale of 1-100, for each one of the primary and secondary personality traits. Those scores are then overlaid on a chart that highlights specific ranges within each trait where success was found most often for that specific position.

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Improve sales team performance

Don't make the 150K hiring mistake. Use APQ for Selection & Hiring

A sales person with high aptitude for sales will outsell the low aptitude sales person by a factor of 4. Depending on sales quotas, the ROI of using a APQ can be as high as $75,000 for every $1 spent on the assessment.

APQ for Selection & Hiring

Sales Aptitude test Assessments Clearly Show Natural Sales Talent

Every top performing sales manager and team, understands the importance of the 'they were born to sell' traits that top sales people possess. Imagine being able to identify, hire, and coach those traits within your existing sales team! ASHER utilizes the APQ Sales Assessment test as that 'must-have' tool in every HR & sales manager's hiring arsenal.

A Sales Assessment that Accurately Predicts Performance Based on Primary Personality Traits

Sales Aptitude Testing - APQ Assessment identifies and scores primary and secondary personality traits using 81 questions, delivering easy to read reports, customized for different sales and non-sales positions.

Beyond matching personality traits to positions based on compatibility, this powerful sales assessment also includes trait related strengths, trait related improvement opportunity, and coaching recommendations, making it ideal for pre-employment screening and continued coaching and development.

Sales Testing to Develop a Sales Team with Natural Sales Aptitude = Increased Sales

Simply put, getting the right folks in the right seats on the bus is a MUST when building your sales team. Over 600 correlation studies show natural aptitude is the most significant factor in predicting sales success.

Consider the impact on sales of these three companies whose sales teams are made up of those with 'natural sales talent':

Company A

Company B

Company C

14 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

7 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

3 out of the Top 26 Sales People Tested HIGH for Sales Aptitude

70% Increase in sales over previous year

30% Increase in sales over previous year

4% Increase in sales over previous year

Testing for Sales Aptitude with the APQ Assessment

Of the Top Five Factors of Top Salespeople, Natural Sales Aptitude, accounts for over 50% of a persons success, and they are born with. The other factors can be learned:

  • Product/Industry Knowledge - time, experience and research
  • Possess the Top Ten Skills of Super Salespeople - although some will come easier than others, these techniques can be learned and mastered
  • Motivation - Although those with natural sales aptitude are self-motivated, all sales people and teams can be motivated
  • Sales Processes - vital to make these proven best-practice processes habit to support the sales team

"So the profile of top sales people is that they’re knowledge giants who help customers solve real business problems, they have a natural talent for outside sales, and they have the top 10 skills and use them. They’re self-motivated and they’re at that point in their lives where they’re charged up to make more sales. And they’re working in companies where they are supported by best practice processes for branding, marketing, sales and customer service. When all five of those are clicking along, you have a top sales person," Asher says.

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