Using the APQ to Assess & Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Basic EQ Level 1.0: Self Awareness

Psychologists tell us that the first step to self-improvement is self-awareness. The APQ Primary Traits show us who we are compared to everyone else.

Professional EQ Level 2.0Self-Management

The APQ shows us which of the Primary personality traits are extremely high (over 80%) or extremely low (under 20%). These extremes show us why we are so successful, but in many cases can be a “blind spot”. The APQ coaching reports show us how to stretch from these “blind spots” when we need to for greater personal and/or professional success. These “blind spots” are independent of our job.

Emotional intelligence EQ chart

Sales EQ Level 3.0: Role Management

The APQ Compatibility Chart compares applicants and employees to peak performers in numerous positions. The Sales Builder Report shows the employee where they can stretch for better performance.

Influencer EQ Level 4.0: Relationship Management

(the highest level) APQ shows us which personality type we are: Directive Driver, Expressive Communicator, Reflective Thinker, Supportive Helper. The APQ Sales Builder Report show how to stretch towards the other personality types to have better relationships with teammates and customers and to sell more effectively to prospects.

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