APQ Sales Assessment - Delivering Amazing Insight on Your Team Potential Hires

What it is, and Why it is the standard in building the perfect team

The Sales assessment is a series of 81 questions designed to pull a person's scores, on a scale of 1-100, for each one of the primary personality traits and secondary trait mapping. Those scores are then overlaid on a chart that highlights specific ranges within each trait where success was found most often for that specific position.

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APQ Pricing:

Single APQ $150

APQ Volume Pricing:
10 APQ's $135
25 APQ's $125
50 APQ's $115
100 APQ's $105

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For example:
For an Outside Sales Hunter position the range for success for the Intensity/Drive trait was found to be a range of 60%-90%. If a person scores within the 60%-90% range for Intensity/Drive, research has proven the person should be successful where attributes from this trait are used for this position.

Each trait score is compared to the ideal ranges where the research proved success in that position.

APQ Sales Assessment Show Job Compatibility

Each position will have different ranges for success but the participant's nine trait scores will not change therefore giving a compatibility score derived from how often their scores match the ideal ranges for each trait for each position.

Download a sample assessment and see the results for yourself.

Powerful, Detailed Reports to Understand Candidates and Improve Coaching:

Compatibility Chart

  • Shows the candidate compatibility score for the role
  • Gives a job description of the role selected
  • Shows the primary traits and their relation to the ideal/moderate/low ranges
  • Provides follow up interview questions for the "red zones"

Snapshot (Sales/Non Sales/Management options available)

  • Defines the nine primary traits and displays the candidates score low/mod/high
  • Defines ten secondary performance traits that are a combination of 3 or more primary traits. Used to help further understand how to manage the individual
  • Defines your personality type: Reflective "Thinker," Directive "Driver," Expressive "Communicator," or Supportive "Helper"

Coaching Report (available for sales or management)

  • Includes descriptions of the nine primary and ten secondary traits
  • Provides in depth coaching recommendations for each of the primary traits, highlighting strengths, challenges and coaching recommendations

SalesBuilder Report

  • Identifies your selling style and learn to "match" or "stretch" to your buyer's style
  • Identifies your four behavioral styles based on specific combinations of eight of the primary traits (*note: Good Impression scale is used for identifying your probability of "gaming" the results as well as assessing your receptivity to coaching and is not included the behavioral styles)
    • Temperament - Intensity & Need to Analyze
    • Ego Style - Drive for Recognition & Need to Serve
    • Social Style - Assertiveness & Interpersonal Trust
    • Primary Need - Independence & Optimism
  • Describes your Primary Personality Selling Style in depth with improvement opportunities and your natural response to stress.
  • Selling Versatility - Describes your most challenging buyer to sell to. Provides suggestions to adapt your strengths to communicate more effectively with your customer and make more sales

TeamBuilder Report

  • Similar to SalesBuilder but with an emphasis on communicating with colleagues instead of selling to buyers
  • Describes your four behavioral styles
  • Describes your natural response to stress
  • Tips for communicating with other personality types
  • Career recommendations

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