B2b Sales Training Case Studies

B2B Sales Training Case Studies

Multi-national company grows rapidly, doubling in less than two years

  • Situation: Our client is an Israeli company with Global sales and a large manufacturing facility in China. They provide electronic components for wireless systems.

  • Challenge: Revenue targets were not being met

  • Growth Strategy: Provided the sales aptitude assessment to 700 people. Provided CPQ development consulting to the Executive team. Provided B2B sales training to the sales force globally.

  • Results: Company doubled in size within two years

Revenue growth rate for multi-national increases from 8% to 22

  • Situation: Our client is a very large multinational company based in China with offices worldwide including in the U.S. The company makes industrial ball bearings and related equipment for very small to very large applications.

  • Challenge: The company BOD requires a 20% growth rate year over year. When we started work for the company, the previous year’s growth rate was 8%. The company has 15 sales directors, 50 regional sales managers and 500 sales people.

  • Company Growth Strategy: We started with an offsite with the VP of sales and 15 sales directors to develop an overall marketing strategy. Next, the sales aptitude assessment was given to the directors, sales managers and hundreds of sales people. Several sessions of CPQ consulting were delivered. The next offsite consisted of the same management team. They developed a plan to improve 15 sales and marketing processes. Our B2B sales training program was also delivered.

  • Results: The growth rate of the company increased from 8% to 22% and is currently on a 30% revenue run rate, increasing every month.

Multi-national Finnish company increases sales by 42%

  • Situation: The client is a multi-national company based in Finland with operations throughout Europe. They manufacture and sell hydraulic components.

  • Challenge: The operation in China started up well, but after several years, sales slowed down. The company needed a growth strategy in China.

  • Growth Strategy: We conducted an initial strategic planning session to set the vision and strategic goals for the company. We then assisted the company in improving their B2B sales training and marketing processes, administered the CPQ, sales aptitude assessment, to all customer facing people and trained the salespeople and account managers on how to sell over the next year. Our CEO provided executive coaching to the company CEO. Additional, our GM in China provided HR consulting to the company’s director of HR.

  • Result: Sales up by 42% in the first year after the assessments, B2B sales training, process improvement and sales and marketing processes had been implemented. Several large new customers were closed and several adjacent markets opened.

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To put it as bluntly as possible, this is probably the best training
I’ve received in my business career both in academics and practice
that enabled me to unlock a potential I didn’t think I had within.
I realized some things about myself that needed adjustment and after some
tweaks and consistent practice, I’ve seen vast amounts of success using Asher
Strategies. Please pass on my thanks to John Asher and thank you very much
for delivering such an informative and very timely webinar, you both
truly made a difference in me. For that, I say thank you and would highly recommend
this workshop to anyone in sales.

Andres Fournier, Director – Special Programs, Babel Street


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