March 2, 2016

Despite the controversies about executive pay in the news in recent years, the truth is that executives receive the highest compensation because they are responsible for the entire direction of a company. The whole weight of success or failure usually rests on their shoulders – at least in the eyes of stockholders and the media. Because of this, their training is especially important.

Executive training seminars address the specific skill sets required to deal with such high-pressure leadership roles. The percentage of men and women who qualify to occupy them is small, so quality training is important.

Here are some traits to look for in potential candidates of sales executive training seminars.


While adherence to some corporate norms is required of executives, the best ones tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit. This allows them to think outside the box and develop business lines others might not have considered, or tap into new markets with existing offerings.

Executive training seminars can provide structure and discipline to candidates used to doing things as entrepreneurs without stifling their creativity and drive.


Can your executive candidate get others to follow them? If so, they are a keeper.
“Lone wolf” candidates might be brilliant salespeople, but they tend to be poor leaders as they do not have the proper people skills to get others to follow their directions. They tend to do everything on their own, leaving staff with the most menial of tasks as they do not delegate.

Appoint to your executive ranks and train only those who can lead others.

Willingness to Fail

Note I say “willingness to” and not “desire to” fail. There is an important distinction!
If an executive is not willing to fail, that means he or she is afraid to take risks. While this might be a good quality in a CFO, this is not a good trait for anyone in charge of sales or growth, as the company will stagnate and eventually be beaten by a more adventurous competitor.

Only send to executive training seminars those who are unafraid to fail, because they know some failure is necessary in order to achieve great success. These are the folks who will boost your sales.

Natural Aptitude

Sending the wrong people to executive training seminars is a waste of time and money. A common mistake is to take a great salesperson and train them for an executive post, assuming they will continue to generate business in volume while somehow inspiring others to do the same.

The problem is that sales executives require a different skill set than salespeople. A safer bet is to test potential executive trainees for natural aptitude as SALES EXECUTIVES before promoting them, using the CPQ. The CPQ is suitable for testing over 30 sales-related positions – USE IT.

Negotiation Skills

Regardless of whether or not she has a lick of training, is your candidate a born negotiator? Is she doing a good job of convincing you to hire her, or a driving a hard bargain when it comes to compensation and perks? These are the signs of a good negotiator. With an executive training seminar under her belt, this candidate could do very well.

We have seasoned executives as trainers on our team. Let us facilitate your next executive training program and help you boost your sales.