December 22, 2011

It’s simple… much like it works for personal relationships, nurturing those that are special requires a small effort, but can yield great results. So consider ways you can nurture your top customer relationships for better sales optimization. The courtship is over, you’ve made the sale, and now you are engaging in an ongoing interaction with the client. The focus should now be on making them feel special. However, unlike a personal relationship, the time calls for an integrated team effort.

  • Anticipate the client’s needs and deliver solutions to them in a timely manner. It shows they are on your mind and are still important, even though the deal is done.
  • Let them in and make them feel like they are insider You can do this by getting them involved in the early stages of development of your offerings.
  • Foster open communication and trust. You can look for natural openings to inspire an increase in their level of trust in you.
  • Get feedback from focus groups… keep on top of how they are doing.
  • Get your top management involved with the customer… they will feel important and respected.

A happy client can provide referrals and testimonials, and give you exposure to people up and down the supply chain of their enterprise. Satisfied customers are more likely to give high margin add-on business, help design new products, even agree to be a demo partner. And the sales optimization becomes even more evident with the possibility of further business any time they have a related need.

Offer a little TLC to your top customers… after all, consider that it costs six times more to attract a new client than it does to keep an old one.

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