January 5, 2012

Achieving success with a sale is a great feeling, so wouldn’t you want to experience it over and over again? Knowing what to work on, and what your customer needs on a continuing basis requires exploration. For this kind of sales process improvement, seeking customer feedback is an effective means to staying on top.

Solicit feedback to evaluate areas where you and your company excel, and where there may need to be alterations. Just as customers need to know that you are looking to satisfy them, they also want to know you are not stagnant when it comes to your actions and abilities.

To establish lines of communication for feedback, follow these three actions:

* After winning business, follow up with a thank you note.
* Call and request feedback after beginning the job, and again one month later
* Have executives conduct formal, face-to-face feedback sessions every six months.

Once you assess that you are in a good position to obtain feedback, ask questions about what you do well, how you can do better, and how likely they are to recommend your company. Also assess current and future needs. Try following these 6 in-office questions:

1. What do we do well?
2. What could we do better?
3. On a scale of one to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend us to your friends ans colleagues?
4. What are your biggest current needs
5. What kinds of requirements will you have in the near future to which we could respond?
6. Are there other organizations who could use our services/products? Would you introduce us?

Taking action with the goal of improvement, and for generating future business opportunities through customer feedback, is a positive step towards sales process improvement.

To learn more about the importance of customer feedback and how to get it, contact us today.