October 10, 2022

Cognitive Biases for Salespeople


There’s been this international consortium of neuroscientists in 70 countries, sharing their research, sharing their studies in the cloud. So all of them get to see what everybody else is doing. The growth of this knowledge is really just exponential. If you go to Wikipedia and type in cognitive bias, see there are 184 of them. Asher Strategies has analyzed all 184 of them and boiled them down to 15 or 20 of them that apply really directly to sales that can have a big impact. In most cases, they apply to marketing as well. We are covering the first six in this episode of Asher Sales Sense.

  1. compliment bias
  2. reciprocity bias (The Chinese call this Ren-Chang-Ching)
  3. similarity bias
  4. anchor bias
  5. single option aversion bias
  6. choice paradox bias