October 5, 2018

Has your business lost its focus to the point where a confusing mix of messages, both internal and external, is the norm?

An example of this would be a company declaring aggressive growth targets – while simultaneously announcing plant closures and layoffs. Or a company such as Comcast, who several years ago initiated a campaign to demonstrate it was focusing on improving the customer experience (they had a terrible reputation), while simultaneously limiting broadband use so they could charge more to their heavy users.

One way to get things back on track is to employ a sales and marketing keynote speaker who understands your desired direction and can voice that message to the most prominent customer-facing people in your organization: your sales and marketing teams.


It makes sense to use a sales keynote speaker because they can update and improve the messages which your team members disseminate into the market. And since they speak the same language, sales and marketing folks readily buy-in to a marketing expert’s advice. It helps everyone do their jobs better when they are clear on the current branding push, and this reduces confusion in the mind of the public as well.

Tip: Simplify your branding messages and work with your sales keynote speaker to educate your personnel on what they should be saying to the market about your company.


A good marketing and sales keynote speaker can bridge the gap between what the C-suite’s cultural vision is for the company, and what the boots on the ground feel it is. A dissonance can rear its head when executives try to implement formal sales processes, sophisticated marketing automation and CRM systems, or an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy into a sales organization used to a less technologically-driven way of doing things. The result is dissatisfaction, low adoption rates, and crippled revenue.

Tip: Leverage a great keynote speaker at your next function to explain changes, illustrate the benefits for the company and for them personally, and focus efforts on changing the culture as painlessly as possible.

Growth expectations

Another area a marketing keynote speaker can help focus your company is in growth expectations. Generally, salespeople react strongly when leadership announces things like quota changes, as many will complain it’s hard enough to make their current ones. Even happy news, such as a new branch office in the region, can lead to much chagrin as your current salespeople wonder if this new unit will compete with them in their own territory. A professional sales keynote speaker can excite your employees about new growth initiatives and thereby reduce friction.

Tip: Use a sales-focused keynote speaker to frame growth expectations in a palatable way to increase acceptance.

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