B2b Sales Training Case Studies

B2B Sales Training Case Studies Multi-national company grows rapidly, doubling in less than two years Situation: Our client is an Israeli company with Global sales and a large manufacturing facility in China. They provide electronic components for wireless systems. Challenge: Revenue targets were not being met Growth Strategy: Provided the sales aptitude assessment to 700 B2b Sales Training Case Studies

3-Secrets Winning Proposals

3 Secrets to Creating Winning Proposals in Any Market Once a prospective buyer has been identified and qualified, and the ROI of a potential deal and strategy developed, it is time to develop a proposal to present your offering. Occasionally, this step occurs after an initial, exploratory meeting to determine needs. More often in business 3-Secrets Winning Proposals

Understanding the B2B Buying Process

Understanding the B2B Buying Process The Internet continues to change the way B2B sales are conducted, and firms need to adapt to this new climate. One of the biggest changes is that salespeople are no longer the gateway to product information, as prospects are doing the majority of their research online well before they make Understanding the B2B Buying Process

B2B Inside vs Outside Roles

B2B Sales Training for Balancing Inside vs. Outside Roles One of the first things that putting sales staff through career aptitude assessments reveals is that they fall into two general camps: those who do well in outside sales, otherwise known as “hunters;” and those who excel at inside sales, sometimes referred to as “farmers” if B2B Inside vs Outside Roles

B2b Sales Trainning is Different

Business Sales Training – Unique B2B Sales Training for Success Selling to businesses shares some fundamentals with selling to individual consumers, but requires an expanded skill set in order to become truly successful at it. B2B sales training organizations all too often fail to distinguish between them, causing B2B sales people to falter as they B2b Sales Trainning is Different