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One of the things which sets Asher Strategies apart from other top sales training programs is our emphasis on practical application. We emphasize doing because it’s the best way to learn.

My book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method,has a lot of information that will help any sales professional achieve better results if the principles are applied. It’s not enough to read it and think “That’s a great idea; maybe I will put it into practice someday.”

I have put together a couple of examples to show how companies can develop top sales training programs which encourage application using a few chapters from the book. I encourage you to add to each example session below or modify per your needs. Try not to fit too much into each training period, however – keep it simple and focused.

By the way, if you use any of these sessions or otherwise incorporate chapters from my book into your training, I would appreciate a quick note letting me know! It’s always great to hear from companies having success using our material.

(Note: except for Step A in each lesson, which involves reading a chapter from my new book, your salespeople should try to complete all the steps from each session within the training period so whoever is supervising can ensure they are actually getting them done.)

Session One: Using Insiders (Coaches)

Top sales training programs emphasize the use of insiders (also known as coaches) to greatly increase the chances of closing a sale.  By working with a person who can introduce you to decision makers and provide the “inside scoop,” you save time and gain a competitive advantage over other salespeople who do not have a close connection to the company.

The following lesson will teach your salespeople how to apply the insider concept to their current deals.

A. Have your salespeople study “Chapter Three: Use Insiders to Fully Understand Prospects and Their Requirements” the night before your training.

B. Show videos “Using Insiders to Understand Your Prospects” and “Selling Skill #2: Use Coaches to Fully Understand Customer Requirements”



C. Go over the definition of coaching as given: “The coach is that person who knows you, trusts you, likes you, and wants to help you get the business.”

D. Have your salespeople make a list of 5 high-ROI, top priority accounts they want to close

E. For each of those accounts, have them find a mutual connection (insider), using LinkedIn, Facebook, or another online tool.

F. ROLE PLAY 1: Have your salespeople pair up and practice speaking with their insider about the target account. Example: “Hi Joanne, I noticed on LinkedIn that you are connected with Mary from Acme Corp. That’s an account I am interested in doing business with…would you mind if I asked you a few questions about Mary?”

G. Have them contact each of those 5 insiders. The goal is to have them provide either an introduction to a key decision maker or provide some actionable data to increase chances of closing the deal. Contact could be done via InMail, regular e-mail, text, call…whatever works best.

Session Two: Powerful Marketing Messages

One of the key skills an elite salesperson possesses is to differentiate his or her offerings from competitors’ in the eyes of a buyer. Top sales training programs teach how to develop “elevator pitches” or “unique selling propositions” and every salesperson should be armed with these and other powerful marketing messages to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The following lesson will teach your salespeople how to develop powerful marketing messages so they can gain interest from a buyer faster.

A. Have your salespeople study “Chapter Six: Use Powerful Marketing Messages” the night before your training

B. Show videos “Powerful Marketing Messages” and “Asher Strategies 10 Skills: Marketing Messages”



C. Go over the definitions of the following as given: Killer Arguments “We can really do it,” Return on Investment Analysis “Here is why you should do this,” Key Discriminators “Here is why you should choose us,” and Ghosting Discriminators “Here is why you should choose us over the competition.”

D. DISCUSSION: Divide your salespeople into four groups. Assign each group one of the categories from Step C and have its members brainstorm amongst each other and write down several marketing messages for their company’s products or services based on their category. Give them a time limit. Once time is up, have each group assign a speaker who will give you the answers to write down on a board so the entire class can see and jot down.

E. ROLE PLAY: Have your salespeople pair up and practice delivering one or more killer arguments in response to a customer objection. Example: “We are considering an automated solution as opposed to your manual one.” “I understand how you feel. Many others I have spoken to have felt this way. But then they found that our manual process catches many more errors than automated systems, in the end avoiding costly errors is important, don’t you agree?” (Ghosting Discriminator)

As you can see, you can be very creative when putting together top sales training programs for your company. Close Deals Faster is chock full of material which can be easily adapted to short training modules which you can employ every week as part of your sales meetings.

For greatest success, have students read a chapter the night before, start with a video or other visual aid, and always end with some form of role play and practical application (to real live deals if at all possible).

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Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method which is published by IdeaPress and available on Amazon.


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