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All too often, a company gets sold on a sales training program which might involve a sales force-wide workshop — accompanied by some PowerPoint presentations and a few handouts — and then salespeople are simply let loose with the expectation that this is enough to really impact a company’s top line revenue growth.

If your company is like many other companies who have tried this approach as a fix to their sales problems, you no doubt have seen little long-term change in your numbers.

The reality is that in order to truly build a powerful sales organization, a lot of factors must be addressed, all of which dovetail together to produce spectacular, lasting results when handled correctly.

Here are some of the main ones, which are addressed by top sales training programs:


Asher Strategies places heavy emphasis on career aptitude assessments, and we highly recommend sales training program to be the very first step taken with all existing sales personnel, including managers and sales executives, as well as candidates for future hires.

The reasons are two-fold:

  • In our experience, you will never get “rock star” performance from people with low natural sales talent. You might make them mediocre at best, and no one wants a sales force of mediocre, low-morale employees.
  • Hiring, training, and eventually firing poor sales people is an expensive proposition which deeply affects the bottom line. Reduce costs and headaches by avoiding hiring them in the first place, and re-positioning existing personnel into more suitable roles.

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Sales training programs can completely transform a company’s revenue, and even its culture. Having trained over 50,000 sales professionals, we at Asher Strategies can truthfully say we see this occur every day. We invite your company to be next. Contact us for a no-obligation talk about your business and how our solutions can help.

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