Quiz: Are you using 15 Shortcuts to Close Deals Faster?

I would like to begin by thanking everyone who has purchased a copy of my book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method, and for all the positive feedback and Amazon reviews.

For those who haven’t picked up a copy, a brief description.  There are many sales books in the marketplace. I have read over 300 of them.  And Close Deals Faster is derived from that large body of work, plus real-world experience training tens of thousands of B2B sales professionals around the world.

This stuff is “battle tested,” so to speak, by salespeople every day. When you read it, you know you are not getting fluff and airy-fairy theory, but knowledge you can apply right away.

I organized the book around 15 major principles. These 15 shortcuts will help any salesperson close deals faster, whether they are new to the profession or seasoned pros. The book goes into depth on each one, but here is a brief quiz which challenges you on each shortcut to test your knowledge.

Quiz: Are you using these shortcuts to close deals faster?

Have you upgraded your LinkedIn subscription to Premium or Sales Navigator?

  • Great! You are correctly applying Shortcut 1: Use networking technology to prospect for new business. (+1 point)
  • Anyone involved in B2B sales should invest in an upgraded plan, because the search functionality is vastly superior than the free plan. Plus, compared to a typical commission for just one sale, its cheap! (0 points)

Are you chasing after companies who are not likely to buy from you due to lack of funds or lack of need?

  • You should qualify prospects (using Shortcut #3) before investing a lot of time on them. And when you do add a prospect to the short list, develop a plan to contact them using at least 12 touches. This should include phone calls, emails, social interaction, mailers, etc. (0 points)
  • Excellent. You understand Shortcut 2: Qualify leads quickly and give sufficient quality touches. (+1 point)

Do you know your target company’s size? Leadership profile? Annual revenue?

  • Well done! You got Shortcut 3: Use all available websites and social media to research prospects and their companies in the bag. (+1 point)
  • Invest the time to learn all about your prospect and you will come across as a trusted advisor and close deals faster.

Are you challenging your buyer to think outside the box?

  • Good! That’s Shortcut 4: Turn prospects into buyers by challenging them to improve their companies with new technologies. (+1 point)
  • If you can take a holistic approach to their business and propose other products and services besides your own to make their life easier, you will win.

Do you go after big accounts without any insider help, relying on your sales skills and charm to win the business?

  • It is far better to find someone you know who can provide an introduction to a decision maker instead of trying to do this on your own. Relationships are incredibly important to close deals faster in the B2B world. (0 points)
  • Good, you are following Shortcut 5: Go after opportunities where you have an insider. (+1 point)

Are you actively searching for mutual connections to a target account via LinkedIn, social media, or other means?

  • Great! You know the value of Shortcut 6: If you don’t have insiders, use social media and business partners to get them. (+1 point)
  • It pays to develop relationships with people who can provide introductions or vital information on businesses you are targeting. You can often find mutual connections via LinkedIn or Facebook, and most people are willing to help. (0 points)

Can you slow down when dealing with a buyer who is more thoughtful and introverted than you are, or speed up to match the energy of an A-type personality?

  • You must know about Shortcut 7: Match/mirror personality styles with prospects to quickly build relationships! (+1 point)
  • People buy from those they like and trust, and a great way to develop rapport and close deals faster is to match the personality of the buyer as best as you can. (0 points)

Do you consciously mimic the mannerisms, tone of voice, and body position of prospects in face-to-face meetings?

  • You must know about Shortcut 8: Use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to gain the buyer’s confidence. (+1 point)
  • Pay attention to body language and match it where possible. This creates an unconscious bond and feeling of affinity between you and your buyers. (0 points)

Has more than six months gone by without Googling yourself and cleaning up any negative mentions, posts, or photos of you?

  • The first thing everyone does these days is Google your name and company to check your reputation. Make sure your online persona matches the one you want to present to prospects and customers. (0 points)
  • Good job! You are adhering to Shortcut 9: Build positive first impressions with social media and appearance techniques. (+1 point)

When meeting with a buyer, do you always cut to the chase and start your pitch right away?

  • While this might work occasionally with a very busy buyer, or a dominant one, in general you should break the ice in some way. One tip is to mention or ask questions about a mutual connection, such as “How long have you known Bob?” (0 points)
  • Fantastic! That’s Shortcut 10: Know how to get buyers to talk about their professional, technical or business interests. (+1 point)

As a salesperson on a sales call, do you 1) focus entirely on the buyer’s point of view 2) ask to take notes and take them 3) summarize the buyer’s needs and repeat back to get agreement?

  • Extraordinary. You have mastered Shortcut 11: Use the three techniques to be the “perfect listener.” (+1 point)
  • If you start adopting the three points of this shortcut, you will close deals faster. Try it! (0 points)

Do you skip preparing a business case or ROI analysis before your sales calls?

  • In general, you must demonstrate at least 15% ROI for a buyer to move forward. By preparing an analysis, you will be able to answer “What’s in it for me?” for your buyer. (0 points)
  • Good. Shortcut 12: Use business case analysis/return on investment data (why the buyer should fund this activity) is often skipped. Be glad you don’t! (+1 point)

Can you quickly state at least 2 or 3 reasons why your buyer should choose you and NOT your competition, without directly mentioning them nor insulting them?

  • Very well done! You have Shortcut 13: Develop ghosting discriminators (why the buyer should choose you and not your competitor). (+1 point)
  • Similar to developing a USP, work out a couple of selling points which make you look good while making your competition look bad – but without insulting them. An example: “We have never had any product recalls” (especially if your competition has had any reported in the press) (0 points)

Do you know and use “feel, felt, found?” when dealing with objections?

  • It’s wonderful that you know Shortcut 14: Know how to overcome objections (feel/felt/found) to close deals faster. (+1 point)
  • Learn this gentle way to overcome most objections (change the wording to fit the situation) “I hear that you feel our production times are too slow. Some of our current customers felt that way at first also. After a while, they found that the superior quality was worth waiting for.” (0 points)

Have you recently found yourself trying to close too soon? Or failing to pull the trigger at all? Or perhaps even unclosing the deal by talking too much?

  • Follow the six closing principles for better results: 1) You cannot close until the buyer is ready to buy 2) Most buyers will almost never close themselves, even when they’re ready 3) The combination of the conversation and the buyer’s body language tells you when the buyer is ready (buyer’s shift) 4) Buyers want a definitive closing proposal 5) Once you make the offer, be silent until the buyer responds 6) Once the buyer has agreed, QUIT TALKING ABOUT THE DEAL! (0 points)
  • Terrific, you must use Shortcut 15: Use the six closing principles! (+1 point)


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