Learn These Three Sales Closing Techniques for Success

Sales closing techniques are some of the most enjoyable things to learn. They put you solidly in control of the conversation. Plus, when you know the right things to say, you feel very confident. Every salesperson needs to practice sales closing techniques in the mirror or with a colleague until they flow smoothly.

Try these for starters:

Feed it Back

After listening to the buyer describe their issues, and before asking for the sale, wrap it all up for them in a nice little bow and feed it back (summarize their needs). This confirms for them two things:

  1. You have been listening
  2. You understand the problem


Seller: “So if I understand you correctly, you haven’t been able to find enough qualified personnel for your call center fast enough, and this is costing you a lot of business.” (seller has fed it back)

Buyer: “That’s right.”

Seller: “If we could solve your personnel issues with our automated system, and do it affordably, would you be prepared to move forward with us?” (test close)

Buyer: “I think so. I would have to see your terms.”

Seller: “They are simple and spelled out on this sheet.” Goes over it quickly. Then a closing question such as “Ready for a test run?” or similar.

The Final Close

This is an easy sales closing technique which does not involve a lot of pressure. It places the buyer in the driver’s seat (in their minds, anyway).

Seller: “How do you feel about our solution?”

Note that it’s not, “What do you THINK about our solution?” Buyers do not buy logically, so we want to wake up the emotional brain and ask how the buyer FEELS. Leverage the emotions.

Buyer: “Seems okay to me.”

Seller: “Great! What’s the next step?” (total silence until buyer responds)

This is a nice friendly close, and if you have done a good job with all the earlier steps such as building rapport, presenting valid solutions, demonstrating ROI, etc., then you will most likely get a positive answer here. “Let’s do it” or “Let me present to the committee” or “I need to compare the other vendors with my partner, but I like what I hear” things of that nature.

The buyer has closed herself on the next step forward in her own buying process, you see?

Pilot close

Most corporate buyers avoid rocking the boat or taking on too much risk through a new vendor. It is uncomfortable and leaves them vulnerable. When you face heavy reluctance from a B2B buyer, you might have to prove yourself first by proposing a pilot.

Seller: “Would you take delivery at your Peoria facility or your Auburn one?”

Buyer: “Nice close. However, there is no way I am signing off on 100 units at this time.”

Seller: “Completely understand. I recommend testing out 3 or 4 units first to make sure they fit your needs. If they don’t exceed your expectations, no harm no foul. But if they perform, and they will, then we can talk about other 96 or 97. How do you feel about a low-risk pilot like this?”

Fun stuff, you bet! If you want to learn more sales closing techniques, we invite you to attend one of our sales training workshops.


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