4 New Things Both Hunter and Farmer Salespeople Look for in 2017 Corporate Sales Training

Despite their differences, each type of salesperson shares plenty of things in common, including things each looks for in corporate sales training. With so much changing in the sales profession thanks to technology, both inside and outside salespeople need corporate sales training to stay current and relevant. Here are 4 new things both types will likely be looking for in 2017 training curricula.

Automatic lead generating tools

Historically, I believe the greatest complaint every sales manager hears from their people is “I am not getting any good leads.” Whether they are self-generated or provided by a marketing team, quality leads are fiercely fought for and take a lot of time and effort to procure.

Getting a stream of leads without much effort is the dream of every sales organization, and many technology vendors are making this dream much easier to achieve. Corporate sales training should of course continue to teach the basics, like cold telephone calling and paying personal visits to businesses in their territories. But leading firms will also introduce tools such as LeadCrunch or Growbots which leverage big data to match a company’s offerings with a huge database of prospects – and automatically contact them.

Social media management

Hunters and farmers alike want to get more out of social media. But time is limited, and social media can be a lot of work.

Corporate sales training in 2017 should teach how to get the most from social media management tools such as HootSuite and Buffer to automate much of this work. Content suggestions and automatic posting are just two of the many benefits of social media management applications.

Slack tips

Slack is quickly becoming the app for team communication and project management. It is growing in importance especially among sales and marketing teams working jointly on targeted accounts.

File sharing, messaging, app integration, and amazing search functionality are just some of the features which make it one of the best free collaboration apps on the market (bells and whistles are available for those wishing to pay). As it spreads among both outside and inside salespeople, corporate sales trainingin 2017 will need to provide some introductory help to new users and best practices for the experienced ones.

Easy motivational tools

All the above are of no use if salespeople are unmotivated. Past failures, job pressures, problem clients – these are some of the reasons why both hunters and farmers lose motivation.

As such, the demand exists for trainers to recommend motivation tools which salespeople can tap into wherever they are for a quick boost. These range from the wonderfully simple and aptly named Wonderful Day to more complex offerings as collected on this list of motivational apps courtesy of appPicker.

2017 should be a great year for corporate sales training. There are so many tools being developed that the future of the industry looks very bright. The art of selling is constantly advancing, and companies which avail themselves of training will reap some great benefits.

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