Corporate Sales Training For Any Company Size

Company Size Impacts YOUR Top Sales Training Program

The corporate sales training programs not only test for aptitude and teach the proper skills based on the role an individual is most suited for, but also take into consideration the size of the company he or she works in.

Here are some of the challenges which companies of different sizes face, as well as a sampling of the solutions and results obtainable with corporate sales training programs.

Small Businesses

These comprise the vast majority of businesses, and are usually defined as having one to 99 employees.


  • Are extremely vulnerable to shifts in the economy and do not weather crises unless blessed with plenty of reserves or lines of credit
  • Often lack expertise in sales and management
  • Difficult to grow beyond their immediate vicinity or online niche


  • Executive Sales Training for owners, managers and sales people
  • CRM strategies to reduce manual sales and management tasks and become less dependent on the whims of decisions by personnel
  • SEO and social media marketing plans to attract new business

With an effective corporate sales training program in place, small businesses should be able to expand their customer base and attract better talent to its ranks, setting them on the road to real growth.

Mid-sized Companies

Mid-sized companies have from 100 to 1,000 employees, and might have several business lines in operation.


  • Larger employee roster can be a financial burden if too many staff are not carrying their weight
  • Bureaucracy and confusion enter the sales process, stifling innovation
  • Marketing messages and strategy might still reflect a smaller business, limiting opportunities


  • Sales aptitude training to hire only the best salespeople, and reposition existing underperformers.
  • Formal sales processes established and made to work with disciplined follow up
  • Strategic marketing plans created to capitalize on the new capabilities that come with having more employees and resources

Mid-sized businesses with corporate sales training programs enjoy the perks of larger “war chests” compared with their startup phase, and can successfully diversify their product and service offerings to capture new areas of business, provided they train their sales force to execute the campaigns.

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The results of the corporate sales training program should be the capacity to expand into new, overseas markets while capturing more business in existing areas.

Even though the above sales training size considerations are useful guidelines, each company should still be evaluated on its own merits and situation. Cookie-cutter sales management training solutions simply do not deliver optimum results.

ASHER Strategies will help you figure out the optimum sales program for your specific business, no matter the size, and put you on the road to greater profits. Contact us today to get started.

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