Corporate Sales Team Reactions to Close Deals Faster

If you oversee a corporate sales team, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method, is a must-buy. In fact, every person on your sales team should own a copy, and it will help with closing sales. Improvements will ripple through the entire department and you will be very pleased with the bottom line results.

I have taken the most important nuggets gleaned from nearly three decades experience leading corporate sales training & seminars, 300 books on sales, and the latest in neurological and behavioral science and organized them into a repeatable sales process designed for high-value, complex sales. As experts in corporate sales training, Asher Strategies uses the very principles taught in the book every day – both in our selling efforts and in our sales seminars.

The difference between this book and other sales books is most other books are one good idea repeated over 100 pages, while this one is loaded with a lot of practical ideas to help readers in closing sales. You can say I stripped out the unnecessary 99 pages and just got to the point! As a result, Close Deals Faster is very easy to read and you can apply the tools contained therein immediately to get results.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are what a few corporate sales leaders have to say about Close Deals Faster.

“I first met John when he was the youngest captain of a nuclear submarine in the US Navy. Since then I have followed his amazing career first as co-founder of an engineering company that grew at 42% per year for 14 straight years, and most recently as CEO of his own sales advisory services firm where he has personally trained over 75,000 salespeople and 2,000 CEOs.  John has distilled the essence of his sales leader techniques in this quick and easy-to-read book.” – Dr. David Potts, President of Tazewell Strategies

“I’ve sold creative services and advertising for over 20 years … and I thought I was good at it.  After I attended the ASHER sales training, I realized what I was missing. John’s methods opened my eyes and thickened my wallet.  No other training has had as big of an impact on my career or profit margin!”– John Carter, Executive Producer, Potomac Digital Group

“John Asher has a unique ability to make the action steps he teaches easily implementable and impactful. Read this book and implement the lessons today to grow your business!”– Fred Diamond, CEO, Institute for Excellence in Sales

“I started my career in sales for a Fortune 100 company in 1972 and studied sales methods and process my entire career.  Until I met John I didn’t know that someone could consolidate a universe of successful sales practices into a precise “how to” summary.  John and his team have an amazing knowledge of sales process and practice.  I will never use another sales trainer.”– Mickey Williams, EVP-Enterprise Executive Board, CapRelo and JK Moving Services.

Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method which is published by IdeaPress and available on Amazon can take your corporate sales team’s performance to the next level. Order your copies today.





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