On-Site Sales Training Workshop

After ASHER assesses a company’s sales team for natural aptitude and trains them on the Top-Ten Selling Skills, there is a natural progression of ongoing services that continue the growth and development of an organizations’ productivity.


Customized On-Site sales training Seminars and Workshops

Sales Training with Asher Strategies: Powerful, Impactful, and Fun


Top Ten Selling Skills Seminar

The biggest problem in today’s recessive environment is increasing revenue and margins. ASHER’S Top-Ten Selling Skills Seminar helps companies solve this problem by strengthening the selling skills of all sales representatives, sales managers and customer-facing people. The sales training seminar is based on our extensive research of over 150 sales and marketing references and the experience and skills of ASHER facilitators who have excelled in sales and business development, offering customized sales training to individuals across the USA.Learn More

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ASHER Advanced Sales Training Seminar

This powerful sales training seminars are designed specifically for graduates of ASHER’s Top Ten Selling Skills. The Advanced Sales Training Seminar provides reinforcement of the Top Ten Selling Skills structured around the Five Shortcuts to Decrease Sales Cycle Time. Graduates of the Top Ten Selling Skills will enjoy the opportunity to revisit the best practice skills, role play each skill and learn how to use them with the Five Shortcuts. In addition to skills reinforcement, the day concludes with the 20-Step New Business Capture Exercise that allows integrated sales teams the opportunity to strategize how to develop new accounts by following a proven process.

Companies who have gone through the ASHER Top Ten Selling Skills are perfectly positioned for the Advanced Sales Training Seminar as a vehicle to take their sales team to the next level.

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Top-Ten Business Development Skills for Government Contractors

Discover the Best Practices for Business Development for Government Contractors - The top 4% of the Business Development people in the US Government database bring in 94% of the business. Discover how your business development people and program managers can perform at an elite level with their classic business development skills. Learn More

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Customized On-Site sales training Seminars

Selling Excellence Seminar

The two-day Selling Excellence sales and marketing training seminar concentrates on marketing functions (including how to pursue new targets) and selling functions (emphasizing skill practice as a training tool). This customized sales training seminar is based on extensive research of more than 150 sales and marketing references and the experience and skills of the ASHER facilitators that have excelled in business development.

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Sales Negotiations Workshop

This workshop presents the best of the best negotiation techniques in a concentrated one- day course. This seminar emphasizes a six-step process that empowers you with the tools and tactics to be successful in negotiations.

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Sales & Marketing Process Audit Seminar

Evaluate your current sales processes as it compares and contrasts to the Top-15 Best Practices for Business Development and create a detailed action plan to revolutionize your processes. Includes a value/driver analysis to prioritize actions and create metrics.

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

During this two-day seminar ASHER facilitators use classic strategic-planning techniques to guide organizations in determining their strategic market direction: “Where do we go next for new business?”

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Gender Communication Workshop

When men and women communicate and understand each other better, they work better together and effectiveness is increased, leading to top and bottom line growth for the organization.

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John Asher Speaker Event

This interactive strategy session begins with an overview of the best practices for marketing and sales and will demonstrate how to quickly increase business with existing clients and acquire new customers.

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Additional Training

Customized Sales training

ASHER offers Customized Sales training for individuals seeking to gain a competitive edge. Customized Sales Coaching is recommended for individuals who have completed the ASHER’s Selling Excellence Seminar. During the five-session coaching program, individuals receive one-on-one reinforcement of the Top-Ten Skills of the Super Salespeople customized to fit their specific targets and sales goals. The result is a well-trained sales professional armed with every tool needed for sales success!

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