Corporate Sales Training to Close Deals Faster – It’s All in The New Book

Corporate Sales Training

Corporate sales training can be a significant investment of time, energy, and money. It is usually very worthwhile, but sometimes it is just not in this year’s budget. So what can you do to keep the saw sharp among your salespeople?

My book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method,can help. It literally condenses the know-how of over 200 books on sales and three decades of personal experience into a concise, highly readable book which cuts to the chase and delivers what it says: it will help your salespeople close deals faster.

Here are a few ideas on how the book can help your sales team do better.

Give copies to your salespeople as gifts

The book is available on Amazon and is quite affordable, so why not gift a copy to your entire sales team as a learning and motivational tool? To make sure they read it, do what I suggest in the next subheading, but you will find that the top salespeople will be more than eager to find out what’s in the book. They like to make money, and love tools to help them make more of it.

Contact us for a volume discount.

Use it to develop training sessions

The book can be used as a textbook to develop your own corporate sales training program, either as a standalone or combined with other material. Its chapters are organized around 15 shortcuts which all salespeople could adopt to close deals faster.

I suggest having a weekly training session. Have your people study a chapter the night before, and simply facilitate a quick discussion around the content and add some role play. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and can even be part of your weekly sales meeting if time allows.

Fix specific issues

Does your sales staff need help asking for referrals? Do they understand the orders of magnitude of greater closing percentage referred leads have? Then have them study the chapter on “Asking for Referrals” and apply the material through role play before meeting with prospects.

Or maybe they are chasing the wrong prospects, and blowing closes by being over-eager or missing the buyer’s shift. Close Deals Fasterhas tips to fix the most common blunders salespeople make, so you can get better results even while budgeting out your next formal corporate sales training program.

Provide motivation and reinvigorate staff

Even just reading a few lines from the book at every sales meeting can be enough to keep your salespeople motivated and fresh. The greater the number of times you review the material equals more certainty and better results, so keep the book  to go over it with your personnel.

Better yet, combine the book with a few of our free online sales training videos and double the impact!

Please pick up your copies of today of Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method which is published by IdeaPress and available on Amazon.


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