Sales Aptitude Assessment APQ to Reveal EQ

I am going to show you why you should implement the sales aptitude assessment APQ (Advanced Personality Questionnaire) in your business without further delay.

Every sales manager has encountered the sales job applicant who appears brilliant and comes recommended but falls flat on her face after being hired. Maybe you even looked at her numbers from her past employers, and they seemed good. You did the best due diligence you and still couldn’t make this employee work out. Why?

Past success is not the best indicator of future performance. “They” tell you that regarding any financial investment.  Perhaps applicants should carry that warning label as well.

Digging deeper, you might have found that this saleswoman did very little actual closing. She might have had an excellent support team or partner which did most of that work, or she could have come from a hot market where all she really had to do was take orders. Remember the mortgage boom last decade, where grocery store clerks and bartenders suddenly became red-hot mortgage “salespeople?” As soon as the market burst, most were out of jobs because they really didn’t know how to close.

So, when your new applicant gets placed in a different position, she might fail because she doesn’t possess the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to close deals on her own.

The solution to this problem is the sales aptitude assessment APQ.

Not everyone can sell

We live in a time where everyone is encouraged to do just about anything that “feels right.” This is great for self-esteem, but does not necessarily bear out in the real world – especially a world as cut-throat and high stakes as B2B sales.

No, a certain natural talent is required to sell. In fact, 50 percent of sales success is due to EQ, or possessing the right personality traits.

The sales aptitude assessment APQ reveals the EQ of any job applicant or current salesperson as it relates to their job role. It can, for instance, show that a person on your outside sales team would be a better fit on your inside sales team. Or it could prevent you from making a $150,000 mistake and hire a candidate who looks good on paper but who doesn’t have the EQ to sell successfully. This will lead to significant losses in training expenses and blown deals – and is preventable by testing.

Get science on your side

The sales aptitude assessment APQ has been proven by correlation studies and plenty of real world evidence. It provides a scientific way to discern your candidates’ traits and predict their job performance in roles such as outside sales, customer service, sales management, and many more (nearly 30 positions).

What does this mean for you? You will use science, rather than a crystal ball, when hiring. You will make a lot more money by hiring competent people who have the EQ needed to close deals. When you amplify their skills with professional sales training seminars, then you have an unbeatable combination – natural talent with cutting edge knowledge.

Want to hear more? Please contact us and ask about how to get started with the sales aptitude assessment APQ.


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