5 Keys for using a Great HIRING Sales Aptitude Assessment

Sales Aptitude Assessment for Hiring

The use of sales aptitude assessments for hiring has been a big boon for our customers, who now have a scientific method for determining a candidate’s fit for certain sales job roles.

We use the APQ (Advanced Personality Questionnaire) but there are other tests out there. What should you look for when choosing a sales aptitude assessment for hiring test vendor?

Here are 5 key factors:

  1. 1.       Proven through correlation studies

I think the number one most important factor is proof that the test scores correlate with real life performance. You want a sales aptitude assessment for hiring test which will help you “pick winners” while also being defensible legally as non-discriminatory. This means that you need historical data showing that hires who’s score fell into the ideal ranges for a job per the test performed higher than those who’s scores did not fall in those ranges.

Fortunately, the APQ meets this standard, with many large-scale correlation studies proving those who scored high earned an average of 50 percent higher sales commissions.

  1. 2.       Painless to sign up

If a test taker finds the signup process onerous, they are less likely to participate. Making them go through a million hoops only leads to frustration – many type A sales hunters just don’t have the patience to fiddle around with signup forms, and you could miss hiring them because of this.

The APQ for hiring takes just a minute to quickly fill in a form and a few mouse clicks to get set up and enter the system.

  1. 3.       Quick to complete

Another key factor in a great test is the speed with which it can be completed. Some personality tests have 200-plus questions and take a couple of hours to finish. No one has time for this these days, especially in the fast-paced world of sales.

The APQ is usually completed in 40 minutes or less, and the grading is instantaneous. This is remarkable, for such an accurate test.

  1. 4.       Can be done anywhere

Would you rather send candidates to some remote testing center, or would you rather them take the test right in your office? Or better yet, from wherever they happen to be, even across the world, on a laptop?

Taking the APQ is a cinch as long as there is an internet connection, from anywhere your candidates happen to be.

  1. 5.       Easy to understand, comprehensive reports

Finally, if your test results in a 100-page PDF full of psychobabble, it is of little use. You want test results which the layperson can understand and interpret without requiring much training.

The APQ sales aptitude assessment for hiring test produces easy to grasp reports with color-coded test score results. You will know if a candidate is a good fit for the job role being tested for within seconds.

Are you ready to start hiring the right people for your sales team? Asher Strategies is here to help. We are a leading aptitude test provider for the sales industry and can get you started with a testing program today. Contact us for a free demo of how to utilize the APQ for your team!


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