CPQ Sales Aptitude TEST – Not Really a “Test”

Update 2017: The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money.

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With the value of the CPQ Sales Aptitude Test well-proven by thousands of real-world case studies, it is a wonder that every single sales organization hasn’t already implemented it on their recruitment front lines.

I think one barrier comes from the use of the word “test.”

You see, test-taking can be extremely stressful for some. Certain people get clammy hands and a jittery stomach at the mere thought of being tested — especially when something as important as a job is on the line.

So it is important to clarify the differences between the CPQ and a test where one “flunks.”

CPQ Sales Aptitude Test – No Right or Wrong Answers

The CPQ Sales Aptitude Test assesses personality traits and inclinations, not intelligence or how well someone has memorized information. Results simply plot the test taker’s scores against score ranges where case studies demonstrate a higher probability of success for certain positions.

If a test taker’s scores all fall within the typical success ranges for a job category, then that candidate can be assumed to be a good fit for the job — based on historical data and real world studies.

If a test taker’s scores fall outside the desired ranges, then that candidate might not be the best candidate for that specific position, but may be better suited to another position that can be filled.

But there is never a passing or failing grade with the CPQ Sales Aptitude Test — there is only suitability or not for certain positions.

Stretch to Success

One of the great things about the CPQ Sales Aptitude Test is that, for candidates who are just short of the mark in one or more traits but still hold promise as high performers as outside sales hunters, their traits can be improved upon by using Asher’s Stretch to Success Development Manual.

This 133 page, comprehensive manual was developed as a guide to understanding, coaching, and improving your outside sales candidates’ performance when they fall just short of the mark on the CPQ.

Benefits include:

  • Define the 16 Extreme Personality Traits (eight extreme low and eight extreme high).
  • Describe the challenges that come with each Extreme Personality Trait – and how those challenges relate to sales positions.
  • Identify specific red flags to watch out for in those that possess an Extreme Personality Trait.
  • Outline specific tactics to “stretch” each Extreme Personality Trait closer to an optimum range. This allows companies to benefit from the strengths but not suffer from the blind spots that typically are associated with each Extreme Personality Trait.

So, let your applicants and existing personnel know that they are not in danger of “failing” the assessment, but rather have the chance to honestly discover the position where they will be most successful and pinpoint areas for improvement through coaching.

And while this may result in turning away some new hopefuls, or shifting some existing staff to new positions, it is far better than keeping people in jobs they will never make it in.


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