Sales Aptitude Tests for Hiring

You have probably been advised to “take a risk” or to just “wing it” at some point in your life. Although these approaches can be great at times, they are not among the best practices to use when hiring a new employee.

Finding a qualified person to hire requires thorough and honest evaluation. The hiring manager must assess candidates and accurately determine their compatibility with the job and the company, or they could end up regretting their decision.

One decision hiring managers will not regret, is the decision to implement sales aptitude testing as a part of the hiring process. Having prospective employees take an Asher APQ sales aptitude test before they are hired will eliminate much of the uncertainty that is involved with bringing a new person into the company. With every new hire comes a unique skillset, a skillset that will be revealed and explained in the results of the APQ.
More on Using the APQ for Hiring

Invest in the Best

Do you want to feel confident in your hiring decisions? Relying on accurate results is the way to go. Investing in sales aptitude tests to use when evaluating potential employees will lead you to making great decisions. The APQ will show what roles each individual is best suited for based on their scores for several personality traits. You will be able to determine which sales role or other office position where they are most likely to excel.

Hiring someone that has little, or no natural aptitude could be a costly mistake. As most of us know, hiring can be a pretty lengthy process with many additional expenses. Having to repeat this process more than necessary is less than desirable. Sales aptitude testing will give you a better chance of getting it right the first time—and it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, you are investing in the future of the company.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Once you have taken the leap of choosing someone to hire, you will still reap the benefits of using a sales aptitude test before hiring. You now have an employee that is suited for the job with a good amount of natural talent. This is exceptionally important in sales because 50% of a salesperson’s success is based on natural aptitude. Hiring successful employees is at your fingertips when you use the APQ.

In addition, coaching is simpler and team cohesion becomes more attainable using a tool like the APQ. Part of the brilliance behind analyzing the personality of someone before you hire them is that you can look for qualities that will allow them to mesh well with coworkers and qualities that result in a minimal need for coaching. However, absolute perfection is not realistic, so when the new employee needs some coaching, their sales aptitude test will already be on file. The results can also be shared with other members of the office to ensure productive teamwork from the get-go. Hiring using sales aptitude testing is a choice made for everyone’s benefit.

The APQ is designed to help you discover the most qualified individuals. You will like the feeling of being certain you’ve hired the right person. Using these assessments when hiring should be a priority.


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