Transform Your Sales Force and Your Business in 2014

Right about this time of year is when the New Year’s resolutions so earnestly made a few weeks ago start to fall apart, as old patterns kick back in. The best way to avoid this, short of a Herculean increase in willpower and discipline, is to enlist some outside help to keep you on track.

For sales professionals and the organizations they work for, this includes some sales training and consulting by a professional firm.

If you feel that sales in the New Year just aren’t humming along at a fast enough pace, consider some of the offerings by Asher Strategies:

A. Asher Sales Negotiations Workshop

Knowing how to negotiate well can mean the difference between making a profitable sale or not. It also has wide applicability in personal situations.

Our Sales Negotiations Workshop breaks the process of negotiation into easy-to-digest segments that leave attendees armed with the tools and tactics to be successful.

Some of the information covered:

  • Power and leverage
  • Relationship building
  • Non-verbal cues
  • Buyer tactics
  • Bracketing Prices
  • Concessions
  • Price issues
  • Stalled negotiations
  • Gaining commitment
  • The 15-Step Sales Negotiation Checklist

B. Sales and Marketing Process Audit

With a Sales and Marketing Process Audit, your current practices are compared against Asher’s 15 Processes for Optimal Sales Process Management. Data is not only gathered from salespeople and executives, but also key suppliers and select customers to get the full picture.

The outcome is a value driver analysis accompanied by one or more action plans to improve specific trouble spots.

A sampling of the areas addressed in the Sales and Marketing Process Audit include:

  • Personnel selection
  • Customer feedback process
  • Internet marketing
  • CRM tactics to become customer-centric
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing messages
  • Lead/opportunity prioritization
  • 20-step new business capture process
  • The sales process itself from beginning to end
  • RFPs/proposals

c. Gender Communication Workshop

Men and women are quite different, with communication styles and preferences that are unalike. Men tend to view competition and winning as the main metrics of success, whereas women generally value relationships much more highly. These are not just silly stereotypes, but rather reflections of how different upbringings result in different behaviors.

The Gender Communication Workshop teaches you how to navigate these differences in gender communication based on research into the predominant verbal and visual cues that each sex manifests and responds to. As a result, communication is greatly improved.

In addition to sales professionals, this course is suitable for many other positions, such as:

  • Customer service reps
  • Project managers
  • Executives
  • Recruiters
  • Attorneys
  • Marketing specialists

The above are advanced solutions for experienced professionals seeking their next level of achievement. For those new to formal sales training and consulting regimens, we suggest starting with our Sales Aptitude Testing service and then continuing onto the Selling Excellence Seminar.

Call (866) 732-0363 or contact us here to enroll or to get more information.


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