Assess Your Way to Hiring a TOP HUNTER Salesperson

Sales managers everywhere dream of landing top hunter salespeople for their sales teams. These are a rare breed of cat, about as elusive astigers are in the jungle.

However, there is a trick to finding these VIPs which I am going to share with you now. And once you know this secret, and use it, you will find a top sales hunter for your team in short order.

The secret is called the sales aptitude assessment – APQ to be precise. It stands for the Advanced Personality Questionnaire and is a refinement of the very successful Craft Personality Questionnaire.

Here is more on why the sales aptitude assessment – APQ is so vital in hiring sales hunters.

Natural aptitude is key

It might not be politically correct to say (well, what is nowadays?), but not everyone is equally suited to be an outside sales hunter. You cannot simply teach the skills for outside sales; there is a natural talent which a candidate must possess if he or she is to be successful in the role. Not everyone is wired for this.

By testing with a sales aptitude assessment – APQ, you can identify who’s got ‘the right stuff” to be successful as a top hunter salesperson. THEN you can teach them the skills they need to flourish.

Main top sales hunter characteristics

Top sales hunters make things happen. They can create something from nothing. This is why they are so valuable. You can literally have no business at all, hire a top outside sales hunter, and have paying customers within a few days or weeks at most, depending on your industry.

Common traits of sales hunters:

  • Creative and innovative
  • Motivate others to do their bidding
  • Truly enjoy selling
  • Possess great communication skills
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers and rule-breakers
  • Self-motivated
  • Can work alone without much supervision
  • Make connections and friends easily


The sales aptitude assessment – APQ can identify candidates who possess personality traits in the desired score ranges. This is far superior than relying on resumes or gut instinct.


Spend a little, make a lot


Think about the costs involved with recruiting, onboarding, training, and providing office space or a mobile workstation for a new salesperson. If you hire a dud, you are throwing all of that money away.


By insisting every sales candidate be given the sales aptitude assessment – APQ before hiring, you can avoid wasting all of this moneyand timeon people who will never be successful.


APQ is affordable. It gets even more affordable if you purchase several, as you become eligible for a volume discount.


So spend a little money on a test, and you can hire a top sales hunter who will make you a lot of money. Sound like a good deal? Hundreds of companies who have already used the APQ would agree with you.


Sales assessment and APQ  tests can transform your business very quickly. Are you ready for this? Then let’s get started! Call (866) 833-9939 to speak with an APQ certified specialist today.


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