Last in the Sales Process, First in Priority – Sales Closing Techniques

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.  This simple sentence sums up what selling is all about: asking for something you want. Of course, very few are going to give you what you want for nothing, so you have to offer a service or product in return. And the plain truth is, the main goal is to secure something for yourself or your company.

Yet, many salespeople lose sight of this simplicity and overemphasize things like their PowerPoint pitch or a perfectly organized CRM when they should be focused on the “asking.” The close is the key part of the sales process, even though it comes last.

Because of this, sales closing techniques that help you with closing sales faster are the most important aspect of selling to practice.

Sales Closing Principles

In addition to the words you say and how to overcome objections you face when you close, there are other facets to successful closing you should work on:

  1. Waiting until the buyer is ready. If you ask for the business before the buyer is ready, you will come off as pushy or desperate. Practice asking questions to discover needs, showing how you deliver value, and only closing when you see the buyer’s shift (next).
  2. Recognizing the buyer’s shift. There are subtle physical and verbal cues that indicate a buyer is ready to be asked for the sale. I give you an entire list of them in my new book, Close Deals Faster, but here are a few: uncrossing arms; leaning forward; speaking excitedly or positively; smiling; licking lips; playing with hair or ears. When these or similar occur, it indicates interest and desire.
  3. Be definite with your close. Be direct when you see the buyer’s shift. “I see that last point got your attention. How do you feel about moving forward?” “I can have delivery to you by Wednesday. Does this feel like a good date to start?” “All I need to begin are these documents signed off on and your deposit. Are we good to proceed?” Be quiet and let the buyer reply.
  4. Change the subject. Once the buyer finishes signing and hands over the check, thank him or her and then talk about something else so you don’t inadvertently say something to change their mind. This is one of those techniques for closing sales which people rarely think about, and can cause a lot of trouble if not employed. Don’t keep talking about the deal. Buyers can start nibbling here for better terms or more concessions if you do.

Remember: sales is about getting what you want, and you do not get it if you do not ask properly. The above tips will guide you on the path to closing more deals.

For even more helpful hints I recommend my new book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method. It delves much deeper into sales closing techniques, tips for closing sales faster, and other vital aspects of selling. Pick up your copy and start closing more deals in less time today!



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