Asher Sales Consulting Services Starts With Sales Team Personnel Selection

Sales consulting services come in different “flavors,” with some programs taking a broad approach by simply training everyone in the basics, others providing highly individualized coaching, and still others focusing more on the organization and its sales processes.

At Asher Strategies, we believe all of those methods are of great value, and we use them all in one form or another with our customers.

One major difference in Asher’s top sales training program is that we believe that spending valuable training time and money on the wrong people for the job is the first barrier to success for sales organizations. To that end, we stress that the selection process for new hires is of utmost importance, and is the first thing to address when working to revitalize a sales team.

And this is where aptitude testing comes into play.

Avoid a $150,000 mistake

It is estimated that the total cost for hiring the wrong person for an outside B2B sales hunter position is at least $150,000.

This is easy to see when you factor in advertising, headhunting fees, human resource expenses, draws against commission or base salary, training, and other overhead produced even before the person is ready to begin the job in earnest. Add lost opportunity costs and damage to reputation, even $150,000 starts to look conservative.

Eliminate these hiring errors by using sales consulting services which include aptitude testing, from an experienced company like Asher.

Predict performance before hiring

Aptitude testing, using scientific methods such as the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ), can provide deep insight into the personality type, strengths, and weaknesses of every candidate, as well as existing sales personnel.

The CPQ tests for the main skills needed for a variety of roles, including outside sales, inside sales, managers, executives, and support roles. Applicant scores are plotted against the ranges where success for specific roles has been found to lie.

  • When the scores and ranges line up, you have an excellent candidate for that role.
  • When scores fall outside the desired ranges, another candidate can be searched for.
  • For an existing employee or a candidate that show promise despite scores not aligning with ideal, the person can be considered for another role, or coaching can be used to “stretch” characteristics into the ideal range so the candidate performs better.

The end result is a better performing team member, greater ROI on the selection process, and the possibility of developing elite salespeople through reinforcing natural aptitude.

Asher Strategies sales consulting services offers aptitude testing 24/7/365

The CPQ is available to you online at Aptitude Assessment to use when it is most convenient for you. We provide one free assessment to each company, and each subsequent test is affordable for you and easy to take for the rest of your employees and candidates. No visits to testing centers are required, making this a truly painless and efficient process.

Build a world-class sales team

Being able to gauge the natural talent of each member of your sales team is an important part of putting the right players in the right roles. When done correctly, synergy results, and things work with a lot less effort. Each team member can be utilized based on their inherent strengths, and they are happier and more productive as a result.

So, skip the opinion and guesses in your selection process. Contact Asher Strategies today and put our sales consulting services to work in completely transforming your sales operation to get results now.


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