Top 5 Reasons to Revamp Your Sales Processes

Regular readers of my blog know how much I stress individual salesperson testing and training. But all that is irrelevant if the sales processes used in the firm aren’t geared to support your people once they have been trained to sell. Here, we will explore the top 5 reasons why revamping your sales processes is important and how my firm can help you through it.

1. Easier Employee Management

One of the biggest failures of a company lies in hiring the wrong people or putting good people in the wrong positions, which will leave them demoralized and less productive. From experience, I can tell you that while the résumé, attire, eye contact, and the words that come out of prospects are useful in choosing people, they are not as reliable as scientific testing. Our sales process improvement training makes sales team personnel selection much easier through aptitude testing and results in more motivated team members engaging in what they personally do best.

Another important piece in employee management is compensation, as one of the biggest complaints we hear from salespeople is that commission tiers and bonuses seem overly complex at many firms, and even punitive. We have worked with businesses to make their compensation programs less intimidating and more equitable for both salespeople and stakeholders.

2. Better Marketing Strategy

Any business hoping to be successful is constantly searching for methods of improving marketing strategies. In order to do this effectively, planning (strategy) is key, but implementation (tactics) is ultimately what makes or breaks a business.

Sales process improvement training can lead to more effective use of email marketing and social media marketing through increased product knowledge, better sales skills, and more motivated employees. All this will increase overall customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Better employee management and marketing strategy through effective sales processes result in higher sales, but so does phenomenal customer care and account management. Our sales process improvement training focuses on customer communications and feedback, but also incorporates sales presentations, proposals, a 20-step new business capture process for complex sales, a prioritization of opportunities and marketing messages, etc. By combining improved prospecting with increased customer satisfaction through process overhaul, sales inevitably go up.

4. Effective Resource Management

Higher sales ultimately leads to higher profits. But in order to increase them further, effective resource management is required. It’s difficult for any business to avoid spending too much when unnecessary; while also not spending enough when crucial. An overhaul in your firm’s sales processes can help redistribute unbalanced resources through more nuanced account management.

5. Reinforcement

In order to truly be effective, sales processes need to be constantly reinforced and updated. Asher Strategies has 15 processes for optimal sales process management, and a plan for ensuring their consistent employment as well as periodic reinforcement through follow-up training and private coaching as needed.

Asher Strategies has helped over 1200 organizations undergo sales process improvement training over 35 years, with a proven track record in meeting and exceeding goals and expectations for companies worldwide. Contact us for a free consultation for your firm.




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