Have Great Sales People but Poor Sales Management – Try a Sales Management Training Specialist

In many businesses, the top sales people become managers. While they are competent themselves, they often have to deal with sales people who, through either lack of real-world experience or lack of aptitude, make training and managing difficult.

In some cases, the opposite is true, and the sales people far outshine their managers — to the point where big conflicts might occur which can jeopardize the viability of a sales department.

One solution for the latter is sales management training. Just like the fact that not all salespeople are born competent, neither are sales managers — they need training.

Good Managers Retain Great Salespeople

The best salespeople are usually those who are independent and can get the show on the road without a lot of supervision. In fact, if a sales manager micromanages top performers too often, he can end up “cramping their style.” The result of this might be witnessing the best salespeople getting so frustrated that they take their large books of business to a competitor.

Asher Strategies sales management training can teach your sales managers how to maintain control over their sales people while still allowing them sufficient freedom to build their businesses as they see fit.

Here are some of the skills sales managers need:

  • Intelligent hiring and placement through aptitude assessment
  • Bridging C-suite strategic plans with field tactical plans
  • Successful quota setting and enforcement
  • Team-building
  • Implementing formal sales processes
  • Motivating and disciplining sales people
  • Using CRM software to increase business
  • Rewarding production, not personality
  • Selling the “team” to key decision makers
  • Liaising with account management & customer service personnel
  • Predicting resource and personnel needs
  • Reporting and data analysis

Asher Strategies – Professional Sales Management Training Specialists

Asher Strategies has worked with hundreds of sales managers to improve their skills and the performance of their sales teams. Our expertise stems from decades of real-world experience in building businesses from the ground up and running them successfully, as well as training the staffs of over 1,200 companies worldwide.

We have “seen it all” across the many industries whose companies we have served, and can customize a training plan for your specific needs. Our focus is on interaction in the training room in order to get to the bottom of your sales management issues and provide, not theory, but practical tools to get things on track towards greater success.

Sales managers who have undergone our training have enjoyed:

  • Shorter sales cycles due to increased efficiencies in the sales process
  • Higher closing ratios
  • Easier lead generation
  • Bigger pipelines
  • Greater ROI from marketing efforts
  • Improved relations with sales staff and upper management

In short, by studying and applying our training, sales management can become a rewarding endeavor instead of a stress-filled, exhausting job.

Before committing with another firm for your sales management training, please contact Asher to compare your options and find out what makes us Global Leaders in Sales Strategies.


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